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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rajapattai – Review || Rajapattai review || Veedinthe movie review !!!!!!!!!

Rajapattai review

 Featuring Vikram and Deeksha Seth in the lead roles directed by Suseenthiran and music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, the film is being produced by Prasad V. Potluri’s newly-launched PVR Cinema on a budget of Rs 39 crores. The story revolves around the issue of land grabbing and how the protagonist becomes involved in it.
Rajapattai was released world-wide on Dec 23. The film is also being dubbed into Telugu and will release as Veedinthe one week later.

Cast          : Vikram, Deeksha Seth, K Vishwanath, Pradeep Rawat, Mithra Kurian, Avinash and others
Director : Suseenthiran
Music      : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: R Madhi
Anal Murugan (Vikram) is a gym boy in cinema and  wants to become a popular villian in cinema. He takes things in his own way and does not get tied down by anything or anyone. He is both brainy and brawny.
He comes across an old man (director Viswanath), whose situation is at stake for his son that forces him to sign on documents to hand over the land property that accommodates orphan children so as to hand it over to a leading politician AKKA. In fact, the veteran’s son Chidambaram (Avinash) is chasing him to grab a land which would give him a political entry.
Ranganayaki (Sana), a greedy State Minister loves to usurp lands in the State. She uses her influence to take away the land. She is aided by Vapa (Pradeep Rawath), a don who acts as good man in the society.
One fine day, Murugan comes to know that land mafia had cheated the old man. As the fate has it, now Anal Murugan wants to save Dakshina Murthy from them.
Now he starts his mission. What unfolds next is a combat between Murugan and the politician and her network of baddies, who are part of land grabbing mafia. How and what he does form the crux of the film.
Chiyaan Vikram appears in a different get up. You’ll be awestricken by his physique, especially during the action sequences. His body language, dialogue delivery and style suit the character and his remarkable screen presence adds strength.
Deeksha Seeth, the tall and lanky actress is a welcome addition to Tamil cinema.
K Vishwanath steals the show throughout the film with his acting and his abilities to evoke laughter.
Pradeep Rawat of ‘Ghajini’ fame does his role perfectly. Sana, the newcomer plays a negative role and carries it well on her shoulders. Pradeed Rawath is wasted with a small role.
Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is awesome while songs are nowhere close to the film.
Cinematography by Mathi is top-notch quality.
Suseenthiran had proved in the past that he is a master in handling realistic themes. In Rajapattai, he has chosen a serious issue as the main theme, but has added more commercial elements. It has fun, romance, sentiments and action.
Rajapattai is an average movie, which would impress regular mass masala fans. It is a commercial treat for audiences of all centres. It’s sure to strike gold in A, B and C centres.


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