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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Prabhas Mirchi Movie Review || Mirchi Movie Preview || Mirchi movie rating || Mirchi movie original talk !!!!!!!!!!!

Movie Story :

Mirchi movie is a complete revenge drama. Prabhas will be seen as a Cool guy lives with his Mother away from his village, His father will be a great person in that village, Hie bonding towards his father makes him to go there and solves some mysterious problems of his family and village. 

Positive Points:

♥Prabhas acting reached Peaks in this movie, He made his maximum effort for this movie.

♥Even This is a First Movie for the director koratala Shiva, He made the movie with a high technical values and his directional skills will looks like a Highly experieved director

♥Pandagala Song From Flash Back Episode

♥Anushka Once again proved that she is the correct Match for Prabhas

♥DSP Music is the One of the Highlight, Songs Picturizaion is out Standing and Also BGM came out well

♥Raasi's Dubbing for Nadiya(Prabhas Mother) came out intresting

♥Fights and Expressions of Prabhas in Secod Half are Terrific

♥Second Half flash bak sequences and Editing is good

Negative points:

#Lack of Comedy in the movie when compared to Prabha's pevious movies

#Dialogues and No Soo Good in the movie.

#Richa is Wasted in the movie

Rating : (3.71 out of 5)

Mirchi movie Review || Praas Mirchi movie public talk || Mirchi movie movie rating !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:30 Am: Midnight show... Thousands of people in front of theater, flashing their benefit show tickets with pride... Greeting others with happy 'Mirchi' shouts... Police men all around the theater controlling young rebel star fans... This is the status at benefit show theater in Hyderabad, guess what would be in Godavari districts crowds. 
01:20 Am: Bit of tension at theater due to over enthusiasm of fans, show is delayed for couple minutes.
01:30 Am: Finally got in theater... Movie is yet to start... Huge slogans in theater STAR STAR REBEL STAR  
01:40 Am: Title started with normal track... but the young rebel star simple yet cute entry with musician attire is nice...  
01:44 Am: Richa's [Manasa] entry and first fight with wonderful dialogues and fight compose were given required elements for the Rebel Star entry as [Jai]  

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