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Friday, March 30, 2012

Best april fool messages 2012 !!!!!!!!!!

Want in on the battle plan??  I found several great ideas that I’m contemplating…
1.  I’ve always heard to keep your enemies close, so I’m thinking we’ll start off the morning with breakfast, together.  And, for breakfast, I’m talking an ice cream sundae bar.  “Kids, come and get breakfast!”  What?  No eggs, pancakes, cereal?  Nope.  Ice cream, brownies, bananas, bowls of different candies, hot fudge sauce, whip cream, and sooooooo on.  They’ll be utterly confused, wondering if I’ve already waved my white flag.  A perfect state of mind for launching my surprise attacks.
2.  I’m thinking a little food coloring or syrup in the soap dispenser would be nice…
3.  All their clean underwear on the ceiling fan…
4.  A little frosting in their toothpaste.
5.  The kids are never allowed to drink their daddy’s Mountain Dew, until April Fool’s Day, when it’s been switched out for pickle juice.  Yum!
6.  Switch out the bottle of blue Windex (cleaned really well), for blue GatorAid.  Giving my mouth a few sprays, while they help me clean up.
7.  Mouse poop in their beds! (A.K.A. dry rice painted black)  “I told you to stop eating in your bed!  Now, look!  You’ve got mice!”
8.  How about a little treat?  Oreos and milk….or really Oreo’s with toothpaste filling.  Ick!
9.  Maybe I’ll show them the new science experiment I learned.  They’re all about science experiments.  A stick of butter, at room temperature, on a plate, generously covered in salt, produces heat.  Did you know that?  Put your hand over it to feel the heat.  “Ha! Just kidding,” as I slap their hand into the butter.  What a nice mom.
10.  After I wear them out and they’re nice and comfy in their beds…squirt gun attack!  They will rue the day that they ever messed with me.
Oh, and let me tell you…I have the perfect one for my husband!  I figure if I’m going to start a war, might as well go big.  He is so in love with his precious truck, it’s crazy.  So, I’m thinking of wrapping some duck tape around his side view mirror, as if it’s holding it on to the truck.  When he notices, I’ll sheepishly say, “Sorry.  I bumped the side of the garage.  The duck tape fixed it pretty good, but I wasn’t able to get that scratch out of the side.”  Sucka.
Have a fun holiday!
For more April Fool’s Day pranks, check out my other post: April Fool’s Day Pranks, for Parents.

South Africa vs India 2012 , Only T20 Live Score !!!!!!

Cricket Live Score of South Africa vs India Only T20 – Johannesburg on Mar 30, 2012. Get Cric Live Score of India vs South Africa, Only T20 of India tour of South Africa 2012. IND vs RSA Only T20 begins at 18:00 Local Time onwards at The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.

IPL 2012 schedule changed !!!!!!!

The match schedule of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2012 has undergone a change on account of the Delhi Municipal Elections in mid April 2012.
The changes are as follows:
  • Delhi Daredevils v/s Deccan Chargers moves from Saturday 14th April 2012 (4:00 pm) in Delhi to Thursday 19th April 2012 (4:00 pm) in Delhi
  • Deccan Chargers v/s Pune Warriors India on Tuesday 1st May 2012 (4:00 pm) moves from Hyderabad to Cuttack (4:00 pm).
  • Deccan Chargers v/s Delhi Daredevils moves from Thursday 19th April 2012 (4:00 pm) in Cuttack to Thursday 10th May 2012 in Hyderabad (4:00 pm).
  • The Play-off match to be played on Tuesday 22nd May 2012 has been shifted from the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru to the MCA Stadium, Pune.
  • The Play-off match on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 will be played at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.
If Royal Challengers Bangalore are placed first or second in the league table then the Eliminator Play-off match will be played on Tuesday 22nd May 2012 in Pune, and the Qualifier 1 Play-off match will be played on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 in Bengaluru.
If Royal Challengers Bangalore are placed third or below in the league table, then the Qualifier 1 Play-off match will be played on Tuesday 22nd May 2012 in Pune and the Eliminator Play-off match will played on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 in Bengaluru.
The Qualifier 1 Play-off match will feature the teams that finished the regular season in first & second place. The Eliminator Play-off will feature the teams that finished the regular season in third & fourth place.
As previously announced, the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai will host the Qualifier 2 Play-off match and the Final.
“The start of the DLF IPL 2012 is exactly three weeks away. We are confident that the fifth season of this phenomenon will turn out to be the best ever, on and off the field,” Rajeev Shukla, Chairman, IPL, commented.

New rules introduced in IPL 5 !!!!!!!!

NEW DELHI: With the Indian Premier Leagueentering its fifth season, expectations are high that the glitzy event will provide its usual dose of excitement and drama. However, IPL 5 will have certain changes this year. 

The event will be held from April 4 to May 27 with the inaugural match to be played in Chennai. But according to the new IPL schedule, the opening ceremony will be held a day before the inaugural game i.e. on April 3rd. 

According to the IPL 2012 schedule, the nine teams in the fray will play 16 league matches each (eight matches at home and eight away). 

There will also be an additional four playoff matches, including the final, which will take the total tally of games in the IPL 2012 to 76. 

The number of matches has been increased by two games from 74 to 76. Last year, 10 teams were divided into two groups of five each by draw of lots. 

There were 70 league matches plus four playoff games in a complicated system with each team playing the same number of matches (14 matches). 

In accordance to the new IPL rules, teams participating in IPL 2012 can have up to 33 players per squad from the existing number of 30. Now the IPL team can also have 11 foreign players in their squad instead of 10 in the IPL 2011 edition. 

Dhanush 3 telugu movie Review !!!!

Film: 3 
Starring: Dhanush,Shruti Hassan, Siva Karthikeyan 
Director: Aishwarya Dhanush
Producer: Kasthuri Raja
Banner: R.K.productions Pvt Ltd
Music: Anirudh

Finally the Wait is over…..The KOLAVERI movie is here….. ’3' hits the Screen,made by the ’3' great artists who are the predecessors of ’3' masters of Tamil Industry – Dhanush (son of Director KasthuriRaja who is also the producer of this movie),Shruti Hassan(Daughter of Kamalhassan), Aishwarya (Daughter of Rajnikanth as well as wife of Dhanush). Infact I didn’t find any other relation with this name and the movie….

'Ninja Gaiden 3' Review - Fighting The Dragon !!!!!!!

Ninja Gaiden 3
The Ninja Gaiden franchise is a bit of an anomaly in today's gaming world. A classic NES franchise that seemingly died off in the 16-bit era, only to be revived on the original Xbox in grand fashion, followed by a success of updates and sequels. It's not often that a game series can lay dormant for so long, only to return so triumphantly, but, with Team Ninja at the helm, the new games pushed the boundaries of the ninja subgenre. While the classic titles and the ones adapted for modern console generations have very little in common, there were two ties that bind them; the main character, Dragon Ninja Ryu Hayabusa, and their patience crippling difficulty. Only one of those returns in the series' latest release,Ninja Gaiden 3.

After a terrorist group lays siege on Great Britain and holds the Prime Minister hostage, their only demand is to bring them the famed Ryu Hayabusa. Always ready to step into the role of hero, Hayabusa obliges, thus beginning another twisted tale of deceit, brutality, and (most importantly) lots and lots of sword slashing. As the plot unfolds, it turns out the nefarious corporation LOA is involved, with the brains of the operation being a mysterious masked man, claiming to be a modern day alchemist. It's up to Ryu, and his small support team, to investigate before a final calamity is released on humanity in seven days.
Ninja Gaiden 3 plays out very similarly to its predecessors; it's a third-person ninja game that has you slicing and dicing your way through different types of enemies in a variety of different locations. This time around, Ryu is only packing a few weapons, working his way through a series of different blades, which are complimented by a bow, and his shuriken. A new addition to the series is multiplayer, which can be played in either co-op or competitive modes, both of which are unique experiences, especially in the Ninja Gaiden world.
Ninja Gaiden 3
Ryu's return signifies that a lot of people are going to die, so much so that this has become one of the major story points in the game. Our hero's arm has become infected with a mysterious evil, and is slowly taking over, but that doesn't mean that Ryu is heading over to the dark side. Much like many other parts of the game, the main character gets a bit of a revamp in Ninja Gaiden 3, going from an ice-cold ninja killer to a more visibly emotional man on a mission. If this seems a bit suspect to anyone that has played the previous games in the series, it's just the beginning.
The game's controls received the biggest tweaks in Ninja Gaiden 3, making a shift from a veritable thumb ballet to a much more mash-centric control scheme. Without a host of weapons to choose from, Hayabusa must mainly rely on his sword, which isn't too different from NG1 and NG2, but the button mashing is. Boiled down, the attacks in NG3 mainly consist of pressing "X" a whole lot. You'll find yourself occasionally switching it up with "Y" for a strong attack, and even jumping to "B" for the occasional ninja star, but the vast majority of the battles can be won by button spamming. It's a vast change from a series that has always forced players to be so calculating.
The other big change in NG3 is that fact that most battles can be won by button spamming. That's right, the latest game in the series that has cost you so many smashed controllers has become easier. Ryu will still be swarmed by hordes of foes, but patience, a smart course of attack, and well-timed use of his two special attacks will allow for most gamers to walk through normal mode, at least until the battle with the T-Rex (yup, that happens). Upping the ante to the game's harder settings make for a scenario that is a bit more reminiscent of the previous two games, but it's still not really the same.
Perhaps in an attempt to truly separate this game apart from the rest of the Gaiden series,NG3's multiplayer offers an interesting diversion from the game's solo mode. For starters, there are co-op optional missions, ninja trials that test your skills at taking down waves of bad guys. In addition to that, there's the team-based, competitive clan battle mode, which pits teams of up to four ninjas each against each other. It's a slashing good time, at least for a little while, well worth committing a little energy to if you happen to pick up the game.
Ninja Gaiden 3
Right out of the gate, you get a sense that a lot of focus went into making Ninja Gaiden 3look amazing, because it does. However, once you see through the polish, it's pretty clear that something is off. It takes a level or two to realize it, but a vital part of the game is clearly missing from Ninja Gaiden 3; that ninja essence just isn’t there. Whether it's that the game's difficulty has been dialed down, the gameplay itself has been streamlined, or the fact that this is the first Ninja Gaiden game without Tomonobu Itagaki at the helm, Gaiden 3 is definitely not on the same level as its predecessors. At its core, it's still a good action game, but fans of this series have come to expect a certain standard of punishing gameplay, no matter what level they're on, and this release just doesn't have it. Maybe it will take a Sigmarelease to finely tune what is missing, but NG3 will leave fans of the series a bit unsatisfied.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ee Rojullo – Movie Review !!!!!!!!

Ee RojulloEe Rojullo is a small budget film that hit the screens today on the occasion of the Telugu New Year Day Ugadi. Many small films that hit the screen last year without much fanfare have done surprisingly well in recent times. Let us see how Ee Rojullo, a film based on a real life story has turned out to be.  

Story: The story is about love, misunderstanding and learning from the mistakes to get ahead in life. The story is about two youngsters – Sri (Srinivas) and a girl Rajni. Sri is in love with Rajni. He is ready to do anything for her. Rajni, on the other hand, is not in love with Sri but with another guy. Sri helps Rajni financially but she takes the money and runs away with another guy. This naturally comes as a big shock to Sri. He is totally dejected. Sri now wows never to fall in love or trust any girl. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Union Budget Highlights with full details !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tax payer exemption limit to be raised to Rs 200,000 from Rs 180,000.
  • Income Tax at 10% for Rs 2-5 lakh
  • No change in corporate tax rates
  • Cars to attract ad valorem rate of 27 per cent
  • Customs duty on import of parts of aircraft, tyres and testing equipment fully exempted
  • Withholding tax on power, airlines, road and bridges, ports and shipyard, fertilisers, dams and affordable houses lowered to 5 pc from 20 pc for 3 years
  • Full exemption from basic customs duty for equipment for road and highway construction.
  • Import of equipment for fertilizer plants fully exempt from customs duty for three years.
  • Standard excise duty rate raised from 10 per cent to 12 per cent.
  • Service tax to yield additional revenue of Rs 18,650 crore.
  • All services except 17 in the negative list to be brought under service tax net.
  • Rs 193,407 crore provision made for defence services in 2012-13.
  •  Rs 3,915 crore to be spent on National Rural Livelihood Mission.
  • Rs 1000 crore to be provided for National Skill Development Corporation in 2012-13
  • Interest subvention of 7 pc to women self groups for loans up to Rs 3 lakh, additional 3 pc for those making timely repayment.
  • Rs 20,822 crore earmarked for National Rural Health Mission against Rs 18,115 crore this year
  • Rs 20,000 cr to be spent on rural infrastructure development, including Rs 5,000 cr for creating warehousing facilities.
  • Agriculture credit target to be raised by Rs 100,000 cr to Rs 5,75,000 cr, says FM
  • Additional 3 per cent interest subvention to farmers for promptly repaying their dues
  • Rs 15,850 cr to be allocated to Integrated Child Development Scheme in 2012-13 as against Rs 10,000 cr this fiscal.
  • Allocation for rural drinking water and sanitation scheme increased from Rs 11,000 cr in FY 12 to Rs 14,000 cr in 2012-13.
  • National Backward Region Grant scheme outlay raised by 22 per cent to Rs 12,040 crore
  • Government to set up Rs 5000 crore venture fund for MSME sector.
  • India will become self-sufficient in urea production in five years, says FM
  • External commercial borrowings to the extent of USD one billion to be allowed for aviation sector for next year.
  • Infrastructure investment in 12th Plan to go up to Rs 50 lakh crore; half of it to come from pvt sector: FM
  • Govt to double tax free bonds for infrastructure financing to Rs 60,000 crore in next FY: Pranab
  • 8,800-km of highways to be developed under National Highway Development Project in 2012-13: FM
  • Rs 15,888 cr to be provided for capitalisation of public sector and regional rural banks and NABARD
  • Microfin institution regulation bill, natl housing bank regulation bill, reg bank regulation bill and public debt management bill this session.
  • Rs 15,888 cr to be provided for capitalisation of public sector and regional rural banks and NABARD.
  • Rs 10000 crore of tax fee bonds for power sector
  • To allow ECB funding to finance working capital needs of airlines
  • To become self sufficient in urea production in next 5 years
  • Share of manufacturing in GDP will be increased
  • To allow ECB to fund part finance power rupee debt
  • Oil and gas pipelines to be eligible for viable gap funding
  • Inflation & current account deficit to come down next year
  • Focus on removing infrastructure bottlenecks
  • IPO equity offer above Rs 10 crore will have to be made electronically in capital market reforms.
  • Government to raise Rs 30,000 crore in 2012-13 from disinvestment of stake in PSUs.
  • Income Tax deduction of 50 per cent on investments of up to Rs 50,000 in savings scheme named after Rajiv Gandhi.
  • Efforts to arrive at broadbased consensus with state governments on allowing FDI in multibrand retail up to 51 per cent, says FM
  • Ensure rapid rise in private investment
  • Frame policies that trigger domestic demand recovery
  • India's GDP to grow by 7.6 per cent in 2012-13; plus, minus 0.25 per cent
  • India's GDP to grow by 6.9 per cent in 2011-12  
  • Economy is now turning around, manufacturing appears to be on revival
  • Headline inflation to moderate further in next few months
  • We have to expedite decisions to improve delivery systems
  • Have to accelerate the pace of reforms
  • Numerous economic indicators suggest economy is turning around
  • Govt to fully provide for food subsidy and food security act in 2012-13.
  • Pilot project for direct transfer of subsidiary for kerosene has been initiated in Alwar, Rajasthan.
  • To implement DTC at the earliest
  • To bring down subsidy to 1.7 % of GDP in the next 3 years
  • To roll out computerized scheme for fertilizer subsidy transfer
  • Significant slowdown in growth over the last two years
  • To address black money, corruption in public life
  • To enhance supply side; cut infra bottlenecks
  • To focus on domestic demand, raise private investment
  • Manufacturing sector appears to be on a revival path
  • Needs to improve supply side management of economy
  • Fiscal deficit rose due to subsidy
  • High crude oil prices hit growth, averaged $115/bbl in 2011-12

Union Budget Highlights

(RTTNews.com) - Presenting what was his seventh Union Budget in the Lok Sabha on Friday, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee spent a considerable time on listing grim ground realities and explaining the need to expedite decision making for better governance.
He has introduced amendments to the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act to cut the fiscal deficit in a phased manner.
Subsidies would be restricted to 2 percent of the GDP before further bringing down to 1.7 percent of GDP, he said. The finance minister pegged the divestment target for the next financial year at Rs 30000 crore and assured the house that at least 51 percent control will remain with the government.
"The global crisis has affected us. India's gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow at 6.9 percent in 2011-12 after having grown at 8.4 percent in each of the two preceding years. But it is also a fact that in any cross-country comparison, India still remains among the front-runners in economic growth," he said.

Union Budget 2012 Live Update

The Union Budget has just started – Aam Juntaa has lot of expectations from this Budget, especially the tax slabs. Lets see what our Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee have in store for us.
We at Trak.in will be covering as it happens….Here it is:
11:10 am: Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee begins his Union Budget 2012 speech in Parliament.
11:15 am: Pranab’da reiterates Economic Survey’s projection of India’s GDP growth for FY12 at 6.9% and 7.6% at FY13.
11:20 am: FM #Pranab Mukherjee quips that Average price of Crude in 2012 likely to exceed $115/barrel in his #Budget2012 speech. That certainly points towards hard times for Indian OMC firms.
11:25 am: Pranab Mukherjee announces to fully provide for Food Subsidy in Budget. Central Subsidies to be under 2% of GDP. This is a good step towards bringing such expenses to planning books.
11.30 am: FM says that GST to be operational by August 2012. It has been long delayed, it won’t be too bad if he feels that the political consensus could be reach as soon as that.
11.35 am: Finance Minsiter sets 2012-13 Disinvestment target at Rs.30,000 crore.  This govt has failed miserably in achieving its FY12 disinvestment targets. Finally, it scraped through with last minute ONGC auction.
11:40 am: Pranab Mukherjee proposes to Rs.15,888 crore for Bank Recapitalisation.  Didn’t it fail miserably in recapitalise SBI in FY12? Consequently, the country’s premier public sector bank got its standalone debt downgraded by rating agencies.
11.45am: FM has announced Income Tax deducation of 50% on Investment of up to Rs.50,000 in Savings Scheme named after Rajiv Gandhi.
11:47 am:  Govt will make Telecom towers eligible for viability gap funding. Irrigation and dam to be eligible for special funding. This is good news, but the big question is – how much of it will actually reach the ground level status?
11:50 am: FM has stated in his Budget 2012 speech that more tax-free infra bonds are on way & increase in investments in infra sector via PPP. Tax-free Infra bonds doubled to Rs.60,000 crore.
11:55 am: This is Big – Govt allowed FDI of upto 49% by Foreign Airlines. Ariline stocks listening? Weren;t they waiting for this since long?
 11:57 am: Pranab Mukherjee announces to make 8,800 km of highways in FY13; outlay raised. 7,300 km of road project awarded in FY12. That’s about road infrastructure.
12:00 noon: Finance Minsiter’s Budget 2012 speech says that govt will allow allow Rs 10,000 cr tax free bonds for power sector. Well, is that all for the long-ailing power sector?
12:05 pm: 6,000 schools have been proposed to be set up in 12th Year Plan in Budget 2012. Looking at the way donation mess has increased in this new era, this could prove little helpful.
12.:10pm: Market News: STT cut by 20% to 0.1% for delivery trades. This is good & long-awaited news for traders and investors, for sure.
12:15 pm: Another High Impact Announcement in Budget 2012 – Overall service taxes raised to 12 percent. Services account for 59 percent of the India’s GDP.
12:20 pm: Most awaited number: Fiscal deficit at 5.9% – way above 2011-12 budget estimate. Next year’s figure is pegged at 5.1 percent.
12:25 pm: What really interests you as an individual is tax-slabs and exemption limits, isn’t it? Let’s see what FM had in store for you this Budget season:
  • ‘NO TAX’ for income below Rs.2 Lakh
  • 10% for taxable income of Rs.2-5 Lakh
  • 20% tax slab for income in the range of Rs.5-10 Lakh &
  • 30% tax bracket for above Rs.10 lakh taxable income.
12:30 pm: Case Neutral – No change in Corporate taxes. Dear Industrialists, did you expect this status quo from the FM?
12.:35 pm: Excise Duty to be raised to 12% from 10% for FY13, says FM. Inflation !! Inflation !!… Are you listening?
12:40 pm: Dear FM, from where will source all this deficit gap from? Duty on Large cars raised by as much as 27% in Budget 2012.
12:45 pm: FM increases Customs duty on precious metals like Gold and Platinum products in Budget 2012.
12:50 pm: Rs.10000 crores allocated to NABARD to fund RRBs in Union Budget 2012 presented by the Finance Minsiter today.
12:55 pm: Mid-Day meal scheme allocated 11937 crore. Rural drinking water and satiation allocated 14000 crore.
01:00 pm: Interest subvention of additional 3% on loans upto Rs 3 lakhs to women-SHGs – effective rate of 4%.
01:05 pm: FM says, 14 crore AADHAR numbers generated, the scheme is ready for payments under MGNERGA, pension scheme. Well done, Mr Nilekani…!!

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