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Friday, May 6, 2011

Luv ka The End' review, watch online trailer video, songs and photos || Luv Ka The End Review || Review: Luv Ka The End is engaging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hindi Film review
Johnson Thomas
A Pleasant girlie flick
Film: Luv Ka the End
Cast: Shradha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Shehnaz Tresurywala, Erroll Marks, Sreejita De, Archana Puran Singh, Mahbanoo Mody Kotwal,
Director: Bumpy

Rating: * * ½

This film is a neatly packaged comedy romance from the YRF stable -in fact it is one of the very first presentations from the newly launched youth wing of YRF, under Y films. The film is a decent entertainer about a bunch of college kids who play the love game in order to win a contest on a boys only social networking website. 

Rhea (Shradha) a sweet simple, pretty virgin is in love with Luv Nanda(Taaha Shah) but soon enough she discovers that his so called love for her was merely playacting, a performance made merely to garner the maximum points and hit the jackpot on the Billionaire boys club social networking site. Rhea and her friends then set out to demolish Luv’s car, charm , reputation in that order and eventually make him a loser on the coveted website. Just when Rhea appears to be achieving her goal, the tables get turned but Rhea’s presence of mind and tech support from her friends save her the blushes and make Luv a laughing stock in front of his friends.
The filmmakers might shout themselves hoarse trying to deny that the basic idea of this film was liberally borrowed from the Hollywood flick ‘John Tucker must die’ but anyone who has seen the original will know that ‘luv ka the end’ is very much similar to the former and that holds true for it’s moniker too.
The narrative though simple and linear appears lively and charming. The characters are all quite one-dimensional and the screenplay appears to have plenty of holes in it. Especially in the second half where Rhea who is supposed to be staying at home and looking after her demented grandmother and baby sister sets out to avenge her humiliation by neglecting the very responsibilities that she broke her date with Luv for. But that’s not a glaring error in the scheme of things. The vengeance acts that Rhea and friends embark upon are pretty amusing . The songs are also integrated well into the narrative, without hampering it’s pace, flow or enjoyment. Director Bumpy does a confident and creditable job and even manages to get the fresher cast to perform up to standard. This one is definitely a refreshing change from the routine love stories that YRF keeps churning out at regular intervals!


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