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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honda Dazzler vs TVS Apache RTR 160 vs Bajaj Pulsar 180 vs Yamaha FZ16 vs Hero Honda Hunk vs Suzuki GS 150R!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming out of the house with 75K budget, but still confused whether to go in for which bike that will give you out of the box performance then here is your guide, to narrow down the many choices. We often get queries on which executive class bike to choose from 150 to 180 cc segment, with almost all makers offering the same features and functionalities on nearly the same budget.
To start lets cut the ribbon with the Bajaj Pulsar 180 and Hero Honda Hunk, later we can move to the stunning new Dazzler, GS 150 R by Suzuki and not to forget TVS Apache RTR 160 and last but not the least Yamaha FZ16.


Looks play a major role in India apart from speed and performance. With almost every manufacturer offering something new and distinctive the race for better looks has always attracted Indian bike designers.
Sporty looks and ferocious aerodynamics are appreciated and even get a better response; therefore every maker has put striking efforts in developing the same. Yamaha FZ16 is the naughty wrestler in this segment with massive tires which has gained a lot of response from Indian buyers. The designs to the utmost have been inspired from FZ1. Muscular styling, finely engineered suspension acts simply as a USP for this Yamaha baby. This spoiled child of Yamaha flaunts a classy looks of being much bigger than advertised. Since the launch of Apache the 160 cc bike, the Chennai based manufacturer knows what is needed more in a bike by Indian taste. With minor upgrades and facelifts in the overall engine this TVS delivers just above the average in terms of looks. This bike can be categorized in the segment of Bikini Fairing. GS 150 R has got sports looks which is very much identical to Suzuki’s Global super sports bike. With sharper shaped tank, minutely placed headlamp and finer tail section this is the bike for Buyers who prefer bull more than a horse. Dazzler is a signature styled bike for Honda as it reflects the future generation bikes from Honda. Earlier version Sober Unicorn has been taken to the next level by the launch of this bike. Anyways Honda’s effort has not been laid waste but has succeeded just like Dhoni’s team in World cup finals. Hunk lacks nowhere behind in the race for looks, as the name suggests, it reflects well built personality. Hunk and Hulk not only sounds similar but even flaunts similar features of being hefty in size and flaunting a neat muscular built. This bike with no doubt is for all the big players who happen to spend a lot of time working out in the GYM in order to match with the looks of this bike.
Last on the list is Pulsar 180 which is one of the best sporty machines, which created a revolution in the Indian biking industry. This charismatic effect of Pulsar lasted for almost through out a decade. This bike from its initial years offers nothing great. Talking about the bike I’ll give this bike 5 out of ten in terms of look. Hero Honda Hunk deserves at least 6 out of ten. Going for GS 150R even this bike can attain 6. Dazzler and TVS should get 7 and the most deserving and number one on the chart buster is Yamaha FZ16 which I would rank 9 out of ten.

Ride and handling

In order to get a sporty feel and ride experience Bajaj has given its pulsar 180, handlebars clip, toe oriented gear shifter and 2 piece stepped seat. Even though Gas charged rear shocks do not perform much looking at the seats it you won’t find it much attractive and practical for long rides. Body vibrations at higher RPMs cannot be ignored. 180’s grab rails have been inspired by 220 which are not of much utility. Going for the Hunk you can get a tucked in feeling with the massive fuel tank that has got craftsmanship well sculpted knee recess.  With scoops seats the rider can get all the comfort cushions that can get him a stress free ride experience. Shorter side handlebar and rear based foot pegs are some strong USPs of this bike. Honda Unicorn Dazzler the 150 cc has got upright riding position and foot pegs which are placed to the reclining forward direction. Single piece scooped seats brings down the overall rating as it lacks comfort. Sturdy character of Yamaha FZ16 gives an impact on its presence. Single piece handle bar makes the rider a feel of driving a High end sports bike none other than FZ1. Shifting pattern you can find a few negatives on the Grab rail which has very minimum utility as it is placed near to your bottom. Small mirrors give less command on the oncoming traffic. Detailing the Apache 160 you can find very impressive ride quality that can give you the performance of sports bike. Ergonomics is very finely taken car of in this TVS. With stiffer gas shocks at the rear your ride can be a little jerky but that gets covered up when you see the cornering and the overall ride that the bike offers to its rider. This bike is a complete no no for tall riders because of its sitting looks and low height. For all tall riders GS 150R is the right option. With an upright and hassle-free riding posture that the bike offers surely gives you the feel of an executive one. Huge tank, broader seats are some features that make this bike stand out in this segment. Talking about the ride quality which these bike offer I would like to give Pulsar, Hunk, RTR160 and FZ16 5 out of ten. Suzuki GS comes second on the list with six points from my side and number one on the list is Dazzler which I would an impressive figure of 8 out of ten.
Coming to handling Dazzler with its futuristic designs receives much more enhanced chassis as compared to other bikes. This bike gives superior control on almost any type of road. With impressive response from the Hydraulic rear disc brakes you can be assured of some over exceptional stopping power. FZs handling is like icing on the cake without which the cake is incomplete. FZ is known for its overwhelming handling efficiency that gives tremendous control even at higher speeds and almost on any road conditions. The monoshock rear suspension in Yamaha FZ and Honda Dazzler is truly a challenge when it comes to offer bike in this price segment. Although in India Mono suspension is not that sought after features but the attractive color schemes used on Mono suspension makes it more appealing to Indian masses. All the other contenders are almost alike with same handling response and control. Pulsar definitely is in for the city commuters but looking for par handling performance you will find this bike below the performance level. Rear Hydraulic disc brake for the hunk is something which was unwanted because this bike almost doesn’t respond up to the mark while weaving through the traffic. Apache RTR lacks when it comes to handling because of the rigid suspension and smaller wheelbase but cornering and throttle response gives this some very awe-inspiring ratings.
Talking from the handling point of view Honda CB Dazzler and Yamaha FZ16 shares the first prize with 9 out of 10 points. Hero Honda Hunk, Bajaj Pulsar 180, TVS RTR 160 and Suzuki GS almost give the same response therefore can be given 8 out of ten points.


Pulsar 180 has the biggest power plant that generates more power and torque as compared to other contenders in the ring. This bike is also the quickest to arrive from naught to 60 kmph in pretty 4.98 sec. roll on figures from 30 to 70 kmph on fourth gear is 11.77 sec. With a top speed of 117.5 kmph this bike can make you talk with winds. TVS Apache RTR 160 performs something above the mark that is with this power it can almost compete with the 180 cc Bajaj pulsar. This bike can easily chase, naught to 60 kmph in 5.04 sec. Roll on speed on fourth gear as per the marked record is 8.92 sec. Other bikes features the same power plant but its curb weight, aerodynamics and other parts make a huge difference in the overall performance of the bike. Dazzler has received a massive power pulling engine but when it comes to the gear response this is where the bike lacks. Talking about the gear system Hunk performs very well in this field but when it comes to power the bike lacks behind. Hunk can accelerate a top speed of 107.6 kmph while the Dazzler can attain much more that equals up to 118.18 kmph. Zero to 60 can be easily attained with full acceleration in 5.45 sec. and hunk can perform this much by almost 5.08 sec. FZ 16 is one such bike that gives you tremendous handling, looks but when it comes to the performance chart it stands a lot behind in the queue. Naught to 60 can be accelerated in almost 5.51 sec. The roll on figures of 30 to 70n kmph can be achieved in 9.2 sec. Another 150 cc bike GS 150 R is the heaviest bike and therefore you can expect it to be a little softer on roads. 0 to 60 kmph can be easily attained within 5.56 sec. This Suzuki has got a top speed of 108 kmph.
Considering the performance I would like to give Bajaj Pulsar 10 out of 10. Second on the chart from my point of view will be Hero Honda Hunk and TVS RTR scoring 8. FZ lacks tremendously behind in this chart.

Fuel Efficiency

Indian Buyers have always focused on Fuel efficiencies on a grand scale. Rs 60,000 to 75,000 have always been the perimeter in which, economical performance bike are categorized in India. With this review you can have somewhat idea of what type of bike you are looking for and which one will be easy on your pocket as well. As the proverb says ‘penny saved is a penny earned’, this can only be done by buying fuel efficient bikes. With road test on all road conditions, we have come to the following interesting conclusion. Suzuki GS150R this Japanese monster gives its user good fuel efficiency of 59.75 kmpl. With its ultimate Sixth gear USP this bike is the best cruising bike on the Indian roads until now. This astounding figure is possible only because of six gears and fuel efficient engines from Suzuki. Second on the merit would be none other than Japanese maker Honda. Honda Dazzler has come up with a figure of 55.70 kmpl. This is not al all bad considering other 150 cc bikes. Indian players Bajaj and Hero Honda have managed to again the third position by delivering 51 kmpl with Pulsar 180 and Hunk 150. Apache RTR missed the third place with a slight difference of 1 kmpl. 50 kmpl is what this first-rate performing bike delivers to its audience. Last on this race is the 150 cc Yamaha FZ16 that delivers 43.5 kmpl even with such massive tires at the rear and extraordinary suspension.
Knowing the fact in this rising fuel price generation, Suzuki stands out as a ruler in this segment, gaining 10 out of 10 points. Then Dazzler turns up with astonishing 9 points. RTR Hunk and Bajaj pulsar 180 having 8 out of ten and finally with 6 points Yamaha FZ 16 pretty lacks in this segment.

Final Verdict :

coming to the final judgment selecting the best one out of all the above combatants is quiet a difficult task. But as it is a ring, a single contender has to win and the winner is Honda Dazzler. Another reliable bike is TVS Apache RTR160, with sporty ride experience this bike is for the one who loves speed above all, great styling and out of the box performance gives this bike exceptional character. Dazzler is truly the best choice, with good resale value, performance and handling. Going in for the auto parts Dazzler has good network of suppliers as well. Bajaj’s offering of 180 cc bike in the price of 150 has not gained it many points. Yamaha has been proved once again wrong with FZ16, that is looks is not the only factor for Indian buyers although this bike offers good resale value, design, outstanding cornering and handling. Suzuki GS 150R comes at the bottom with bad response from Indian consumers. Its miracle of monster looks; six gears didn’t impress much for Indian buyers.


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