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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honda CBR250R vs Kawasaki Ninja 250R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honda this time has yet another contender Kawasaki from its own home ground. Getting in the ring from one side is Honda CBR250R and to the other is Kawasaki Ninja 250. 250 cc in India had never before experienced such warmth. But with the launch of Honda CBR250R in India Honda has laid their strong grip hold once again on the Indian grounds. From the CBR family the new member CBR 250R is something promising for speed enthusiasts of India.

Test riding this CBR was like having a safari on African jungle. With such a promising ride that this massive power plant delivered, the excitement level was also up to the mark. Another 250 from Japanese player Kawasaki Ninja was not a blockbuster among Indian premium buyers.

Power Plant

Honda CBR250R 2011 is powered by 1.6 Liter engine, while Kawasaki Ninja 250R posses a 3.0 Liter engine. Honda’s single cylinder engine gets maximum power output and can almost compete with twin cylinder engine as that assembled in Kawasaki. Honda CBR250R is capable of engineering 26 hp while on the same note Kawasaki can generate 32 hp. Comparing the kerb weight you will find Ninja to be more obese with 169 kgs, while the Honda flaunting 162 kgs only. This mind blowing Ninja flaunts a 249 cc displacement engine, DOHC, 4 stroke power plant makes it look like a monster in the 250 cc bike segment. This Kawasaki engine engineers 33 ps at 11,000 rpm and has got peak torque of 22 Nm at 8200 rpm. With parallel dual cylinder you can expect something superfluous and Kawasaki has kept this machine up to the mark by delivering few hp more as compared to the Honda flying machine. Honda CBR250R in India is expected to be on a much powerful note in order to pack the extra punch on Indian roads. Kawasaki Ninja 250 R in India will be flaunting power packed engine that makes the overall ride punchier.
With dual responsive throttle the entry level sports bike has manage d to deliver cutting edge performance. Fine droplets received from the fuel injector, turns on the engine of this which later shows us out of the box performance. Cleaner emissions are also assured from Kawasaki which makes this bike eco friendly as well.
On a serious note on the power plant you can get Kawasaki Ninja 250 R is more efficient than Honda CBR250 R. Kawasaki Ninja is a winning bet if the two are on a race track.

Riding Impression

Honda On the very press started gave much responsive throttle feel that made it look more promising like other Honda bikes. When on the highest peak level of 7000 rpm you will definitely feel CBR turning into a beast and clinging to an impressive bhp that is at 8,500 rpm. Honda with its enhanced ergonomics gives its rider a stress free ride experience, even for long distance journey. The massive handle bar from its CBR family gives you extra control and feel of the road. 30.5” saddle height gives a straight posture with well rounded seating experience, this will definitely make you feel flying a jet while seating in a cockpit. With superior knee recess and rightly placed Foot pegs, the ride is smooth for tall riders as well. Riding Two up is always exquisite and when it’s your loved one then you should consider the pillion rider comfort level as well. Looking at the rear grab rail, Seating and foot rests all I can say was outstanding. Weaving the Bike or in other terms managing it in the busy Indian traffic is something like slicing a knife through hot butter. Honda’s geometrical dimensions keep the rider more intact at every shift this overall increases the ride safety as well. The enhanced suspension used in Kawasaki makes the overall ride experience even more appealing. Coming to ergonomics of Kawasaki it is not as promising as the Honda baby. After the test ride of both the bikes I got a clear view of what suits best on Highway and which is the better city road bike. Honda is for the easy on pocket buyers who want to explore highway from different angles while Kawasaki Ninja is for the big player who wasn’t to weave through the city traffic more efficiently.


Dealing with this entry level sports bike from the CBR family made me feel gutsier than ever before as it came with a massive body, and power packed engine which responded to the every pull and push. Rear placed foot pegs, cut throat graphics, Masks that explodes out rear view mirrors, craftsmanship fairing and superior windshields makes it a true child from the Honda family. Alloy Wheels caked in black shade just jells out with the killing graphics and body colours of this bike. With an owl look this hot chic has got those extra stars when it comes to the appearance of the bike. The speed o meter,   tachometer, fuel gauge and tripmeter are assembled inside three pod console panel. Turn indicators are also housed on the instrument panel. Low batteries as well as Choked air filter are indicated on the same, which is not there in Honda CB250R. Talking about the deadly graphics used on the bike makes it eye catchy bike in the 250 cc segment. The Iconic Ninja emblem on the air scoops and Kawasaki logo on tank is something that only Kawasaki offers. The sexy and sporty looks have contributed in a lot many ways in its success. Honda CBR250R has got macho looks of futuristic generation. Considering the looks of both the entry level sports I would give ninja more stars as it has got the true sporting machine looks. Honda lacks the sporty look but is far more competing even with its macho looks.
The full fairing trademark of Ninja is something extra ordinary as compared to Honda CBR250R. The neat and bulky fairing of Ninja has got many added points as compared to Honda CBR250R. Plastic fairing and stainless steel fuel tank makes this bike even more eyes catchy and attractive. The half naked engine of Ninja leaves us to want more where the fairing covers the upside in a professional manner. The masks of Hulk flaunt DRL (day time running lights) that is more for safety at the same time it increases the beastly appearance as well.  Broader windscreens aid you to have proper protection from dust.


Accelerating the bike from naught to 100 on highway is just 6.5 sec, which is quiet promising for a bike with such hefty body and power plant. Once the gear shifts to 5th or the 6th gear you can expect a smooth ride. Bottom gear shifts can make you experience the pull of the engine on a grand scale. On board with 80 kg rider the speed of 110 can be chased with ease.
Comparing the red with the green I was satisfied with Ninja, but Honda’s competitive price tag makes it more worthy in this segment.  Without any doubt you can rely on Ninja as the speediest of both , But to attain this speed, every time Ninja has to pay huge price that is more frictions in the engine as well as the NVH at that point is at the maximum. Honda CBR250R is a show buzz as it can reach its maximum with minimum efforts and drama. Going fast is not everything but attaining the maximum with fewer struggles is something you should pack you deals with. Honda and performance are similar words when it comes to bikes or biking. The roll on speed that this Honda delivers on top gear is something very impressive as compared to green Hulk. Like father like son sounds new, but once you have your grip on Honda CBR 250 R you will understand this term in more professional manner. Riding on dry road conditions Honda performed something noticeable but when it came to wet roads Honda started showing disreputable colours. Coming to Hulk we saw better performance on both dry as well as wet road conditions. Maintaining the Economy speed on highway came with a better result on the Honda Side, while Kawasaki flaunted just like other Kwracker’s did earlier. Thanks to catalytic converter that came along with upgraded ECU settings.  This time Kawasaki Ninja 250R in India has been offered with a larger fuel tank that is you can fill in juice up to 17 litres. Although Kawasaki has tried a lot to improve the fuel efficiency by assembling combustion system and fuel inject. Dual sensor headlamps offer its user more visibility as compared to halogen headlamps of Honda CBR250R. Kawasaki is capable of chasing naught to 100 kmph in almost 8.1 sec. Maximum Acceleration can take you to a top speed of 176 kmph while the estimated Top speed for Honda is 160 to 163 kmph. Coming on a race you can bet Ninja to perform better than Honda CBR250R. Talking to the winds is now possible with Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

Colors Schemes

Ninja has got 2 awe inspiring colour schemes that is lemon green and killer Black, at the same time Honda has taken due care for colour tastes of all types pf buyers. Honda CBR250R is offered with two popular colour shades from the CBR family Metallic black and Red Silver. Attractive colour schemes offered by the make makes both the bikes even more appealing. Ninja’s silver burst at foot pegs, disc brakes and exhaust makes look it like a baby wrapped with green colour coat. Black treatment on many parts reaches this Ninja to the next level sports bike. Pillion seat which is in identical lime green colour makes it more appealing and contrasting.  Front full fender, Full fairing all share the same color scheme which is one of the best features of this bike.
Going to the colour scheme judging is quiet very difficult as both Honda and Ninja expertise have put in a lot of efforts to make the bikes more appealing.


With maker loaded forks12 and adjustable shocks at both front and rear Honda CBR250R is one of the finest cars to show in 250 cc segment. Acceleration and vibration is just like synonyms when it comes to ride experience on Honda CBR250 R.  what you have in this Honda is none other than the 37 mm Front telescopic fork suspension combined with travel 130 mm while at the Rear Honda’s 104 mm travel which is blended with Pro Link Monoshock is the perfect combination that gives combine effort of Performance and ride pleasure.
Kawasaki Ninja 250R comes along with the best features due to its high priced sticker tag. For maximum bump free ride even during the worst road conditions Kawasaki Ninja 250R is employed with 37 mm front telescopic shock absorbers and UNI shock rear shocks at the rear. This makes it one of the most reliable machines when it comes to roadability. Attaining more comfort from this suspension is like getting the right thing for the right price with Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
Considering the suspension you can give Kawasaki Ninja 250 R ten out of ten points while Honda CBR250R receives 8 out of ten points.


Buyers have the option of ABS and standard braking system. Coming to the ABS version, Honda Aficionados will have to shed some extra penny from their pockets, while the non ABS version is much cheaper. Enhanced braking abilities which is derived from the reliable 296 mm x 4.5 mm Hydraulic disc brakes has been mated with resin pads and dual piston caliper. Coming to the rear you may find 220mm x 5 mm single piston caliper which is mated with resin pads. Honda’s ABS option is something which is not offered on Kawasaki Ninja 250R and for buyers who want something extra for braking Honda CBR250R is the only option.
Indian roads need extra punch therefore Kawasaki has surely given its best with this bike you don’t want to expect anything more when you have bigger wheel base and petal disc brakes. This green hulk is offered with disc brakes at both sides which make it perform better. Braking power and abilities can rarely be challenged with any other make in this segment. Halting was never before so exciting and easy but with Ninja you can something beyond imagination. In the front you have 290 mm disc at the rear ninja offers 220 mm disc. This fails when it comes to the ABS standard of Honda CBR250R but with base model this Ninja brakes are far more a better choice. Larger wheelbase offered from Kawasaki and Honda proves to aid these machines with better grip and stability. If Skidding is your worst nightmare then you can almost take it out of your dreams on bikes like Honda CBR 250 R and Kawasaki 250R. Comparing in terms of braking both CBR 250R and Ninja 205R share the same price.


Honda CBR250R has been competitively priced which makes it for the people, by the people vehicle. Kawasaki Ninja 250R is something like big players game with a sticker price tag of rupees 3 lakhs, However considering the global market Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250 are priced almost with a same price tag. Even though with such a price tag and twin cylinder engine Ninja responds nothing extra  ordinary when it comes to Honda CBR250 R. taking into consideration the price, you might be thinking what extra does Ninja delivers to its user. The answer will be nothing as of now. Honda CBR250R price in India is Rs 1,50,000 for Non ABS version and for ABS version you will have to pay sme extra penny. Kawasaki Ninja 250R price in India is 3 lakhs.

Final Verdict

You will definitely find some serious competition between the red hell boy and green Hulk with so many similar features, powers and competitive pricing. Kawasaki Ninja lacks main stand and has got only side stand. The instrument console is in analogue format which is not that pleasing compared to the Honda CBR250R. With no back rail grabs for pillion riders the bike offers disappointment for pillion riders’ comfort.  Kawasaki Ninja is highly priced while Honda CBR250R is for the mid segment sports buyers.


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