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Friday, May 6, 2011

100% Love Review || 100% Love Movie Review | Naga Chaitanya 100 Percent love review || 100% love updated neview now || 100 Percent (100%) Love Review !!!!!!!!!!

100% Love Review – 100 percent love movie
100% Love Movie Review – 100 Percent Love Review – 100% Love Rating, Telugu Movie Review: Director Sukumar has proved that he is not the run of the mill director and always tries to be different from the other directors. He has cult fans and even his flop films have stunning and intelligent scenes that prove his mettle. However, except his debut film Arya, Sukumar didn’t taste commercial success with his other films. But the audience who has high regard for Sukumar as a director never lost their faith in him. His latest film 100% Love is released today and check out the review to know whether he succeeded in delivering a hit or not.  


Balu Mahendra (Naga Chaitanya) is a number one student in his college. Mahalakshmi (Tamanna), his cousin comes to Balu’s house to continue her studies. She is in awe of her Mr. Perfect ‘Bava’ and takes his help to achieve big in studies. Surprisingly, she surpasses him and becomes the first ranker. Balu gets deeply hurt by this and he resorts to cunning ways to deviate Maha Lakshmi. But to his surprise Ajith (Anand) stands first this time. Meanwhile Maha Lakshmi father brings her a match but she doesn’t want to marry him. Balu helps her in getting the match canceled and Mahalakshmi starts deviating Ajith from studies for the sake of Balu. When the couple is heading to fall in love, Maha Lakshmi unknowingly hurts the ego of Balu and they get separated. How they unite forms rest of the story.


100% Love starts with a bang right from the title credits. Sukumar’s creativity is visible in the title designing. This is easily one of the best title credits we have ever seen. Even if you go with zero percent expectations to the movie, the title credits itself will raise your expectations over 80 percent. Sukumar did his best to live up to the expectations in every scene.

Most of the scenes and situations are refreshing. Characterizations are pretty unique too. None of our directors touched this complex angle in the lead man before. Sukumar did a brilliant job with the screenplay but it loses pace as it reaches the interval point. The intermission scene looked out of place but it is vital for the story to take a different path from then on.

Second half is mainly focused on the family values and the virtues of relations. Although the lead man irks you at times with his stupid ideology he makes it up in the scene where he reveals his love to the heroine. In the process of avoiding a predictable climax, Sukumar once again took the eccentric path and the characters starts talking illogically. But by then the film already proves your ticket worth and anything excess is just a bonus.


Naga Chaitanya improved from his previous outings but he still needs to improve. His expressions in comedic scenes are not up to the mark. He failed to get the body language right in the drunken scenes. He is sophisticated and gives a feeling that he suits better to certain type of characters.

Tamanna is a good actress and she has proved her mettle yet again. Anand and Tara Alisha are just okay. Naresh is decent and Dharmavarapu’s comedy worked in parts. Most of the star cast consists of new actors and they did well. KR Vijaya and Vijaya Kumar are standard.

Most of the songs were situational and Devi Sri Prasad did a fine job. Dooram Dooram and Infatuation songs stand out. Diyyalo Diyyala lacked punch on the screen. Background score is pretty good. Dialogues are decent without any drama or purposeful rhyming lines. Editing is up to the mark. Cinematography is an asset to the movie. Special care is taken in the detailing and Art department did a wonderful job. Production values are neat. Although the movie is made with a medium budget the producer never compromised on the quality of films.
Plus Points:

- Youthful elements
- Entertaining first half
- Novel approach

Minus points:

- Second half slows down a bit
- Climax is somewhat confusing

Final Word: 100% Love satisfies the targeted audience. Youngsters will fall in love with the film. It will do well in A centers and given its budget it should work on the commercial front too. People who love to watch different movies can give it a try. We have to wait and see if this film has something in it to pull the masses. That seems highly unlikely.

100% Love Review rating: 3.25/5

Banner: Geeta Arts
Cast: Tamanna, Naga Chaitanya, Tara Alisha
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Presented by: Allu Arjun
Producer: Bunny Vasu
Direction: Sukumar


stella said...

i have seen the movie, and found out that their is a flaw in the second half, where tamanna is fasting it is saturday and the marriage was suppossed to be held on friday in the movie. i think the director has missed out that when the marriage was held on friday then how come tamanna was fasting on saturday . i am a great fan of urs-director sukumar, but felt sorry for u when i discovered this mistale or slip out for the sake of movie.

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