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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 5 Best iPhone Games of 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011 comes up with the Top Best Games for iPhone. Above 50% of the iPhone owners have 5 games installed in their iPhone. An adequate percentage of these iPhone owners spend a lot of time playing these games. These games are extremely simple and interesting and are not heavy games with 3D graphics.

1.   Doodle Jump
Doodle jump iphone gamesThe most demanded app of iPhone is this, Doodle Jump. People are mad about this game as it is very interesting. One can learn this game in a short time but it is difficult to master. Doodle the Doodler is guided upward like an elastic spring by using the iPhone’s tilt. There are small platforms during the journey on which Doodler can jump. Doodler has to grab the jet-packs and springs and at the same time Doodler should refrain from black holes, monsters and some broken platforms. This game is available at iTunes for just $0.99.

2. Angry Bird

angry bird iphone gamesOne of the best selling app across Europe is Angry Birds. This is also an addictive puzzle game. The players have to launch the angry birds at pigs by using slingshot. Birds are taking revenge from pigs as they have stolen their eggs. There are many unique destructive powers of Angry Birds in order to demolish the pigs. The pigs are enclosed in castles which can only be broken down using these powers. There are 120 levels of this game. Each levels is different from the previous in structure, skills, logic and powers that are used to kill pigs. This game is available in just $0.99.
3.   Fruit Ninja
fruit ninja iphone gamesThis game is also available on iPad but with a different name, Fruit Ninja HD. Fruit Ninja is liked by many people worldwide. It is an action game. The players have to hit their fingers across the screen in order to slice different fruits. These fruits are propelled in the air. If a player slice multiple fruits at a time, then extra points are also given as a reward. One of the precautions is not to touch the bombs that are also present in the air with the fruits. If bomb is sliced, game ends. There are several game play modes and it features multiple difficulty levels. I is available at iTunes for $0.99.
4.   Canabalt
canabalt iphone gamesThis game is of a little stick man who runs along roof tops. He can jump in order to survive, when the player tap the screen. Canabalt is the most simple and enjoyable game. It is a bestselling app too. Canabalt has stylish monochrome graphics and has small details like obstacles and bird flocks. It is available at iTunes for just $2.99.
5.   Flight Control
flight control iphone gamesFlight control is an old game but people are still addicted to it. Over 3,000,000 copies have been sold. Flight control includes planes and helis. The player has to land these planes and helis in order to win. He has to trace the lands for the planes and helis. The player directs each aircraft to its assigned runway. So he needs to draw the landing path. When the score increases, number of aircrafts increases so the difficulty level is also raised in this manner. The collision of two or more aircrafts results in the end of game.  This game can be downloaded from iTunes for just $0.99.


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