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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Ko " tamil movie review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The promotional poster of 'Ko'.The promotional poster of 'Ko'.'Ko' (Tamil, Thriller)
Director- KV Anand
Cast- Jiiva, Ajmal, Karthika, Piaa, Kota Sinivasrao, Prakashraj
With the exception of a few misplaced dance sequences, the film is packed nicely in a tight script with well defined characters.
KV Anand begins the film with a collage of photographs, which sets the tone for the rest of the film and elicits some applause from the audience – something that continues for the most part of his film. With a gripping narration and entertaining script, the director packs a punch in ‘Ko’.
The plot revolves around the lives of Ashwin (Jiiva), the gutsy enterprising photojournalist of a Tamil daily, and Vasanthan (Ajmal), a youth leader and an aspiring politician. With his band of dedicated young professionals from various fields, he’s determined to cleanse the corrupt political system. When he stands for elections, Ashwin, drawn to the idealistic Vasanthan, backs him during his campaigns. But nothing comes easy for the young politician.
Alavanthan, the unscrupulous leader of the opposition (Kota), leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the stars are in his favour. Ashwin does an expose on Alavnathan and it’s a battle of wills until the end of the film. The finale is insightful and positive, earning the director more applause.
Intelligently scripted and briskly narrated, the film has some interesting twists and turns. The plot is similar to Russell Crowe’s political thriller ‘State Of Play’, suitably adapted and admirably fitted into the local scenario. The pace is so swift that there is no time to mull over the flaws, or question certain moments that may seem far-fetched.
Like his earlier films (‘Kana Kanden’ and ‘Ayan’), the characters are well scripted and the attention to details is amazing. Superbly photographed, and slickly edited, the film has some well-choreographed fights and chases.
Harris Jeyraj has scored a couple of peppy tunes and they’re well picturised. Though, a dream song soon after a tragic death, is not just inappropriate and slackens the pace of the film. Also, the song where many celebrity actors join in the dance (‘Om Shanti Om’ style), fails to entertain.
The dialogues are insightful and crackling, adding pep to the narration. Worth mentioning is the scene towards the end, where a naxalite (an impressive Bose Venkat) caught by Ashwin, questions the system and pours out his pain and angst. Scenes where the director takes potshots at the system, the media, and even at his own films do bring a smile.
Jiiva gets a substantial role and plays it with flair. The actor has a repertoire of some good work (‘Raam’, ‘Katradhu Tamizh’), but has never really been counted in the big league. Ashwin is probably his most wholesome character in a commercial set-up, and ‘Ko’ is likely to catapult him to a higher level.
Debutant Karthika (daughter of yesteryear heroine Radha), plays Ashwin’s colleague Renuka, who backs him in his efforts to expose the corrupt. If she had relaxed a bit, her character would have seemed more natural. Piaa with her natural effervescence lends spontaneity to the role of Saro, their bubbly colleague, who wears her heart on her sleeve. Ajmal gets a meaty parallel role as Vasanthan, who has various facets to his character. Ajmal brings them out with panache.
Well packaged and tightly scripted, ‘Ko’ is engaging and worth a watch.


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