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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 10 iphone apps for Women !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Large percentage of women as compared to men, prefer iPhone over any other smart phone according to a recent Nielsen study. The app store of iPhone is an oriental market for artistic and technological creativity. A lot of applications are available that can encourage the productivity and creativity of individuals and can keep young professionals, up to date.

1. Epicurious
Epicurious iphone app
Epricurious is a award winning food recipes site and now it‘s app is available for iPhone. With the help of this app you can search 25000 delicious recipes.
2. Contractions
contractions iphone app
Contractions app is designed for pregnant women’s. the basic theme os this application is to logs the length and intervals.
3iP (also known as iPeriod)
ip app for iphone
Keeping track of cycle is not easy until you have a sharp memory!! Secret identification or tracking system is not helpful. With the help of iPeriod one can easily track her cycle. It is a password protected application. It has a built-in calendar that tracks the fertile days along with the times of month. It can prepare you for unsettling moments. It has a email notification system that can warn of upcoming or late periods. You can also export your charts and manage fertility and ovulation statistics to get super clinical. It is available for just $1.99.
4. Instagr.am
instagr.am iphone app
The idea of this most prosperous app of iPhone is to take and share photos. It is a social network where photos are uploaded and shared with people all around the world. You can modify your photos with the help of filters like Hipstamatic or Lomography camera. Different colors, special effects (red dye, black and white), and textures can be added to photos. The photos can be shared on tumblr, twitter, facebook and flicker. It is free!!
5. Evernote
Evernote iphone app
If you want to save individual notes, keep random musings or have some secret plans for combining commercial companies then you can use Evernote. You can even save jokes, links and photos with the help of Evernote-Twitter integration in 2009. You can save recipe icons from desktop to your phone by synchronizing phone with computer. Evernote increases the memory and one can easily take photos, save them, can record voice memos and can even write important notes, which you might forget.
6. Snapp!
Snapp iphone app
Snapp is an application that allows you to collect and store the information of contacts so that you can stay in touch with the people you know. The access to the contacts is a click away. It also lets you to organize the contacts by events. An option is also added in this application which allows you to send automatically generated email. This app is available for $2.99.
7. Pulse
pulse iphone app
Pulse is for book-worms and people who are addicted to media. Pulse picks up stories that are based on source preferences. It is a platform for news. One can easily browse stories online and offline. It has a very smooth design and sleek slide show interface. Bump™ is an added feature. It allows you to share stories and news with other iPhone users by “butting heads” with other phones. It also includes Google reader plug-in to import sources from your Google RSS feed.
8. Instapaper
instapaper iphone app
Now you can have a collection and records of online articles and you can easily read them offline too. This can only be done through one and only instapaper. Instapaper also allows you to share links worldwide via twitter and tumbler. It is available at $4.99. It also lets you store emails and different fonts. It also allows you to save up to 500 articles. It is like a dream come true!!
9. Elements
elements app for iphone
Elements is a notebook in your pocket for noting down the ideas in your imagination. It is a product of Dropbox lab. Elements can be organized into folders and can be shared across multiple devices. It is a smooth text editor. You can save it and take it with you when you think that during journey light bulb may fuse or will be switched off!!
10. Dropbox
dropbox iphone app
Dropbox is a free “magic pocket” of 21st century. It can keep 2 GB of data like a flash drive. It allows you to share information across multiple computers and mobile devices. A dropbox desktop icon can also be created for easy access. Every type of files, larger or smaller can be sent from anywhere.


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