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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gymboss 2011 Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gymboss is one of my favorite pieces ofrunning gear.

It's cheap, easy to use and makes interval running a breeze.

Check out my Gymboss review below for more informationIntervals the Hard Way

I used to do my intervals with help of the stop watch function of my watch. The problem is that you can only record one time on a stop watch. So if I'd have to do a 4 minute hard, 3 minute easy session, I would do 7 minutes on my stop watch, and then keep track of the 4 min/3min split.

Very annoying and it makes those runs very restless. You are constantly looking at your watch to make sure you do not miss the next split.

... and the Easy Way

The Gymboss makes it all a lot easier.

And it is oh so simple.

The Gymboss does not have one, but two timers.

Why did nobody think of that before?

So when I now do my 4 min hard, 3 min easy, I set those two times in the Gymboss, clip it onto myrunning shorts and get out of the door. After each period is finished you get a little signal. Either a beep (hard/soft) and/or a vibration.

You don't have to look at the clock anymore, you simply wait for the signal and change pace. It is incredible how something so simple can make such a difference to your pleasure. Just concentrate on your running and let the Gymboss do therest. There is a counter in it as well, so at the end of your session (or during your session) you can see how many you have done and can work out how long you have been running for.

I love the Gymboss.
It is the cheapest piece of running gear I have got, but also my favorite.
It comes with me on all my interval sessions.
Great idea as well when you are doing a run/walk program.
Incredible value for money.

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