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Friday, February 18, 2011

Will Facebook end on March 15th, 2011?

The rumor is fast spreading that the multi-zillion dollar website that connects millions of people from around the world is going to shut down on March 15th, 2011, the site will end entirely. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office.
” Facebook has gotten out of control and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.” Zuckerberg said that the decision to shut down Facebook was difficult, but that he does not think people will be upset.
“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

Facebook Corporation suggests that users remove all of their personal information from the website before March 15th. After that date, all photos, notes, links, and videos will be permanently erased. While Facebookhasn’t officially
commented on the rumor, it’s pretty safe to say there will be no Facebook shut down on March 15th.
Some users were furious upon hearing the shocking news while parents waiting for the anticipated relief.


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