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Saturday, February 26, 2011

oscar 2011

The Academy award for Best Original Screenplay brings to the fore visionaries whose vital creations are the clay into which the magic of Hollywood breathes life. This year's nominations include a variety of genres such as science fiction, sports films, period films, comedy and drama. But, the story, they say, is the only thing that really matters.
The King's Speech (1)
Before King Edward VIII's announcement of abdication in the wake of the Wallis Simpson scandal and with the rising shadow of the crooked cross making itself apparent across the face of Europe, there was the duke of York with big shoes to fill and a mortifying speech impediment. Enter the unconventional methods employed by Australian doctor Lionel Logue. We are amused. Very amused.
The Fighter (2)
The Fighter would have been rendered superfluous by the existence ofRaging Bull, Rocky and Cinderella Man. But the film holds its own as a gripping drama in its own right. Set in the 1980s in blue-collared Lowell, Massachusetts, the script details the travails of Micky Ward, a soft-spoken brawler with an infamous losing streak. Mismanaged by his family which barely conceals its vested interest in his success, Micky learns the ropes from half-brother Dicky Eklund, a fallen local hero and boisterous crackhead who chooses to rest upon his laurels, having, in his prime, knocked out world champion Sugar Ray Leonard.

The Fighter, being a parallel quest for glory, has great chances with Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson's writing that resonates like a punch to the head.
Inception (3)
When thieving mastermind Cobb leads a band of marauders in a daring excursion into the middle ground between the insurmountable peaks of creativity and the recesses of the subconscious in Christopher Nolan's prodigiously penned script, themes such as obsession and death surface from the gradual process of characterisation and the labyrinthine structuring of the story. Indeed, Inception proves that the science-fiction genre isn't only about dodging bullets and light sabres.
Unfortunately, Inception, though deserving, will be dismissed as a popular sci-fi heist caper and the prospect of it not winning an Oscar seems fairly inevitable.
Another Year (4)
Another Year, a bittersweet drama written by Mike Leigh about old married couple Gerri and Tom, is driven not so much by an overarching story as by its characters and their intelligent dialogues (many of which were improvised by the cast) that expound upon themes such as ageing and happiness. With its deliberated writing and almost universal critical acclaim, the film has been praised for its realism.
The Kids Are All Right (5)
The Kids Are All Right is, contrary to its premise with lesbians, domesticity and offspring seeking their sperm-donor dad, the most conventional and vanilla-flavoured screenplay to receive a nomination in this category. With themes such as the dynamics of family, the undercurrents that exist within relationships, and child rearing, thescreenplay isn't hackneyed as such but shows lack of promise with no new insights to be gained or chuckles induced by Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg's writing. The film is least likely to win.


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