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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Week’s Most Popular Posts

This week we showed you how to quit Facebook (without reallyquitting Facebook), shared a handful of cool Windows tricks every geek should know, helped you upgrade your morning routine, and more. Here's a quick look back.
  • How to Quit Facebook Without Actually Quitting Facebook
    With all the privacy issues surrounding Facebook, many people are considering quitting the site altogether. If you're not ready to take it that far, here's how to avoid the privacy breaches without completely deleting your account and losing touch with your friends.
  • The Cleverest Geeky Windows Tricks Everyone Should Know
    Anyone can sit down at a Windows PC and get along fine, but with the right tips and tricks, you can get around much faster. Here's a handful of clever tricks to boost your Windows skills (and show off to friends).
  • Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine
    Never feel like there's enough time in the morning? Find yourself struggling to get up or into work mode? We know the feeling. Try out these tips on waking up, getting energized, and getting things done in the early hours.
  • ReclaimPrivacy Bookmarklet Rates Your Facebook Exposure Levels
    Facebook's privacy settings are notoriously complex, and the results of changes hard to see instantly. ReclaimPrivacy.org has a handy bookmarklet that shows which potentially insecure and privacy-invading settings are enabled on your Facebook account when you click it.
  • How to Install a Solid-State Drive in Your MacBook
    Solid-state drives (SSDs) come with all kinds of perks over your standard hard drive, not the least of which involves serious speed boosts for your computing. Here's how I installed an SSD in my MacBook Pro.
  • Five Best Bookmark Management Tools
    The web—and web browsers—evolve extremely quickly, but if there's one web browsing feature that's stood the test of time, it's browser bookmarks. Manage your bookmarks effectively and efficiently with one of these five bookmark management tools.
  • Remains of the Day: "Freedom from Porn" Edition
    In a hasty late-night email exchange, Steve Jobs proclaims that the iPad revolution involves "freedom from porn," Pirate Bay's servers get shut down, and the first step in protecting your online privacy is the biggest no-brainer of them all.
  • WiFi Stumbler Scans Local Wi-Fi to Find an Interference-Free Channel
    If you've been having trouble with your wireless signal the culprit might be interference from other wireless routers in the area. Free web-based tool WiFi Stumbler will show you which channel is least likely to cause interference.
  • Early Screenshots Show Chrome OS with a Cover Flow Style
    They're design ideas that could change, from early builds of an OS that's not released. But peeking around the early design ideas for Chrome OS reveals what kind of netbook experience Google's shooting for when it eventually comes out.
  • From the Tips Box: Keyboard Navigation, Glasses Cleaner, and Home Fumigation
    Readers offer their best tips for getting Vim-like keyboard navigation in Windows, making your own glasses cleaner, and putting a quick shortcut to turn your connection on and off on your taskbar.


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