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Sunday, April 10, 2011

U.S. Government Shut Down Avoided: Compromise Saves the Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"No compromise" has been the rallying cry of the Tea Party movement. Some Republican lawmakers have echoed their cry.House of Representatives Speaker

But the agreement reached Friday was the epitome of compromise. Republicans had come into the negotiations demanding $61 billion in spending cuts from the remainder of fiscal year 2011 which ends in September, report by NPR
There were many policy riders the Republicans demanded including defunding Planned Parenthood from federal assistance, which they finally gave in to Democrats and allowed the funding to remain.
By the time negotiations ended late Friday night, Republicans had agreed to $39 billion in cuts, including $2 billion in a stopgap bill that funds the government through next Thursday, and had dropped most of their policy riders.

Democrats had initially offered a far smaller menu of cuts, and then finally agreed to about $30 billion before finishing about $11 billion above that level.
Meanwhile, Senate Democrats agreed to allow votes on defunding the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood and agreed that there would be no additional funding of Internal Revenue Service agents to enforce the new health care law's individual mandate provisions. Congress will vote separately on whether of stop funding for Planned Parenthood. That vote is expected to fail.
Riders that did make it through prevent the use of federal or local funds to pay for abortion services in the District of Columbia; another rider lets District of Columbia students use federally funded vouchers to attend private schools.
The defunding votes for Planned Parenthood aren't expected to pass in the Senate.
Senate and House of Representatives Rush To Halt Shutdown
As the deal was confirmed, Reid and Boehner rushed a six-day spending measure to the floors of the Senate and House to halt the shutdown and buy members time to digest, debate, and vote on the agreement.
Both chambers passed the stopgap bill, with the House finishing voting in the early morning.
The legislation also would not contain provisions blocking regulation of greenhouse gases, another obstacle in the process, the aide said.
For Boehner, the deal represented the best Republicans could get.
“We fought to keep government spending down,’’ Boehner said.
President Obama said Americans had to begin to live within their means. He pushed both Democrats and Republicans hard in meetings with leaders this week to reach a compromise with three meetings in two days at the White House. He cancelled trips during the week and this weekend to be available for discussions.
“Programs people rely on will be cut back,’’ he said. “Needed infrastructure projects will be delayed.’’
The thinking was that the president had presented a reasonable case of agreeing to spending cuts without going too far, and that people would frown upon Republicans if the government stopped fully running over a policy disagreement about abortion.
One Gallup poll found that 58 percent of adults, and 60 percent of independents, favored a budget compromise over a shutdown.


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