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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Really what happend to Satya Sai Baba??? A complete review !!!!!!!!!!!!

He is just a magician for poor.He is a great human being for average minds
He is beyond human for those who assess him
He is almost God for those who believe him
He is God Himself for those who experience Him
From illiterates to Professors in society, from sweepers to Chairmen in business organizations, from citizens to Ministers in nation adore and worship him. How can Satya Sai establish his empire to such an extent? The surprising fact is even Satya Sai or his men never asked for any donations. They never placed any hundi at ‘Prashanthi Nilayam’, His abode. They never priced any entry ticket for devotees. Then how the maintenance is being done? How Satya Sai Trust is running Super Specialty Hospitals, and how it is carrying on immense charity from free education to helping the deprived? The huge voluntary funds those come from all corners of the world are never boasted of. Even Satya Sai Trust never swanked about its might.

Then what is the magnetism that’s pulling the world towards Satya Sai? As I started writing, the evolution of people from the state of poor mindedness to experiencing him has been carried on by Satya Sai himself, if he desires.
Many ask ‘why should he show his magic powers to prove his divinity?” “Is the show of magical power a bench mark for divinity?” “If so can David Blaine and PC Sircar also claim to be Gods?”
The answer is certainly ‘no’.
Even Satya Sai never said that he is divine because he has magical powers.
Taking out a gold ring from air, creating holy ash from Ether and taking out gold chains from empty fist are just the motherly acts Satya Sai has chosen to divert the attention of poor minds towards him. Yes it’s a motherly act. When the child is making noise and negating to eat healthy food, first the mother pampers him by showing a colorful toy and pulls him towards her. Then telling some stories she makes him eat the food. It’s not the toy that makes mother divine. It’s the act of giving health to child by feeding him with good food makes her divine. Now, the situation at the holy abode of Satya Sai is similar.
People of all walks of life come to him with pains, worries, fears and depression. In general, the minds of such pain stricken people become weak and poor. They want a ray of hope. For that they have to believe in someone strongly. Satya Sai shows them magic, turns their attention and makes people believe in him at single shot. Then he gives them the feeding. The real moral feeding that makes them feel light and makes their worries tiny. He shows them the path of seva for the ultimate self satisfaction. He teaches them Karma Doctrine. He tells them the way to reach God. The subject is as old as mountains. But the people want to see them from a new medium from time to time. Satya Sai is one such great new medium in 21st century.
No devotee of Satya Sai ever complained about their decision of adoring Him. Whoever witnessed him have transformed their minds from ‘poor’ to ‘average’ to ‘belief’ to ‘experiencing’ or at least stopped at a step above from their actual state.
And there have been many those have tried to prove that Satya Sai’s magic powers are fake. Many videos were released on this subject. For those so called intellectuals, I can give only one answer.
Let the magical powers those you have witnessed may be fake. But the great human values he has been filling in the hearts of people, the unselfish service motive that he is spreading, the message of love he is pervading and the pains that he took away from many sufferers are not fake. Magic never made him divine. His wish and act made him divine.
Someone asked ‘Satya Sai, the divine personality is not being able to walk at 82nd year. But there are many old men who are living healthily even at 90th year. How can Satya Sai be called God?”
I answered, “Even tortoise and trees live healthily for hundreds of years. Do they spell any divine message?”
Jesus Christ left his body when he was around 33, Swami Vivekananda thrown away his body at 39, Adi Shankara shunned his body at 32, Mahatma Gandhi was in his body for 79 years, Shirdi Sai moved on this planet with his body till his 80th year. So what? They have influenced the mankind in such a way that we cannot do even by existing on this planet for 500 years. Great souls just don’t exist. They live for eons and spread the fragrance of love.
Keeping all fears, worries, doubts and suspicions on Bhagawan Satya Sai’s status in body form away, let us take a drop of his message and go ahead.



dear rama i have read all article and i really like it that you learn it watz the target of sai.. rama sathya sai is a feeling which you can only realize .. one who gives you satisfation and shows you path to live he is god..( for a beginner) i experienced many with sai..sai alwaz said there is only one difference between you and me is < i know i m god you dont know>> all human on this earth is god ..

ramanjali said...

Sai Ram
I totally agree with you.
Sai Ram

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