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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paypal Rules Finally Implemented – Indians Suffering !!!!!!!

Howdy My Fellow Indian Readers, (the Above logo suites quite well for us (Indians))

I have some bad news for you people (including me), Paypal has finally implemented the rules which were supposed to be implemented on March 1st 2011 and The notification of this rules were given to all Indians 2 months Before. Now finally After 1 month Paypal has implemented the rules and now We wont be able to use any payments to anyone through Paypal, yes you can still send the payment through Paypal only if you have a valid CC (credit card) attached to your Paypal account.

The rules are very agonizing to Indian online earners and specially the freelancers who works and appoints.
Now the new rules states that

1. Don’t pay from what you earn online.
2. Withdraw your earnings in 7 days.
3. Your clients should not pay you more than $500 at once.
Wow, now i have to request my clients not pay more than $500, if you have to buy hosting, you will have to 
pay with credit card. An extra 3 – 4% loss in currency conversion.
Yes the credit card rates are quite high and we will be losing quite a lot of money just in conversion.
Thats the end of this sad story and Beginning of the Suffering for Indians.

Hope our stupid government RBI comes up with something better and not punish us for the crimes committed by our most highly corrupted politicians. 


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