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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Open Letter: An Advice To Balakrishna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though I have passed my prime, I feel 20 at heart and this happens when I go to the theatres and watch cinema. That’s my passion for this art and Tollywood has always been my special interest.
Over the decades, I have seen several transformations and one man has caught my attention- Nandamuri Balakrishna. For some reason, I feel he is doing something which he is not supposed to and missing out on creating a legacy just like his iconic father had created.

If Balayya is reading this, then this is my word of advice for him. It is better to do something that makes us different from others instead of going with the crowd.
It is not necessary for Balayya to do commercial movies and come up with thigh slapping dialogues or stopping trains with gestures.

Alternatively, he can do something more genuine like the period films. Firstly, he has that aura and among today’s actors, he is the only star who still gets good response from crowds. I can recall how claps and whistles roared for his mythological role in Parama Veera Chakra.

Balayya must realize that audience entertains period films even today. Though he did ‘Pandurangadu’ there was lot of raunchiness in it, thanks to the navel loving director K Raghavendra Rao.
In a way, I am happy that he is doing ‘Sreerama Rajyam’ and it is a good sign not only for his fans but also for proper cine admirers. Down the line, he should also look at doing ‘Narthanasala’ and make his presence felt as a true actor and not just a ‘Flying Tata Sumo’ actor.


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