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Friday, April 8, 2011

IPL schedule full details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IPL 2011 Schedule for upcoming Indian Premier League Season 4 has been announced by BCCI. The tournament will be played just after days of Cricket World Cup tournament finish.  IPL T20 is one of the biggest event tournament of the sports world. It is played every year in the summer season of Indian Subcontinent. Remember this is just provisional schedule, pending approval from Election Commissionof India because Tamil Nadu and West Bengal will be having State Elections in the same period.

DateLocal/ISTNo.Match DetailsVenue
8-Apr-1120:001stChennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders, 1st IPLChennai
9-Apr-1120:003rdKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
3rd IPL
9-Apr-1116:002ndDeccan Chargers vs Rajasthan Royals, 2nd IPLHyderabad
10-Apr-1120:005thPune Warriors vs Kings XI Punjab, 5th IPLNavi Mumbai
10-Apr-1116:004thDelhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians, 4th IPLDelhi
11-Apr-1120:006thKolkata Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers, 6th IPLKolkata
12-Apr-1116:007thRajasthan Royals vs Delhi Daredevils, 7th IPLJaipur
12-Apr-1120:008thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians, 8th IPLBangalore
13-Apr-1120:0010thPune Warriors vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala, 10th IPLNavi Mumbai
13-Apr-1116:009thKings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings, 9th IPLMohali
14-Apr-1120:0011thDeccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
11th IPL
15-Apr-1116:0012thRajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders, 12th IPLJaipur
15-Apr-1120:0013thMumbai Indians vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala, 13th IPLHyderabad
16-Apr-1120:0015thDeccan Chargers vs Kings XI Punjab, 15th IPLHyderabad
16-Apr-1116:0014thChennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
 14th IPL
17-Apr-1116:0016thPune Warriors vs Delhi Daredevils, 16th IPLNavi Mumbai
17-Apr-1120:0017thKolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals, 17th IPLKolkata
18-Apr-1120:0018thKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Chennai Super Kings, 18th IPLKochi
19-Apr-1116:0019thDelhi Daredevils vs Deccan Chargers, 19th IPLDelhi
19-Apr-1120:0020thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals,
20th IPL
20-Apr-1116:0021stMumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors, 21st IPLMumbai
20-Apr-1120:0022ndKolkata Knight Riders vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala, 22nd IPLKolkata
21-Apr-1120:0023rdKings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals, 23rd IPLMohali
22-Apr-1120:0025thMumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings, 25th IPLMumbai
22-Apr-1116:0024thKolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
24th IPL
23-Apr-1120:0026thDelhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab, 26th IPLDelhi
24-Apr-1120:0028thRajasthan Royals vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala, 28th IPLJaipur
24-Apr-1116:0027thDeccan Chargers vs Mumbai Indians, 27th IPLHyderabad
25-Apr-1120:0029thChennai Super Kings vs Pune Warriors, 29th IPLChennai
26-Apr-1120:0030thDelhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
 30th IPL
27-Apr-1116:0031stPune Warriors vs Chennai Super Kings, 31st IPLNavi Mumbai
27-Apr-1120:0032ndKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Deccan Chargers, 32nd IPLKochi
28-Apr-1120:0033rdDelhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders, 33rd IPLDelhi
29-Apr-1116:0034thRajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians, 34th IPLJaipur
29-Apr-1120:0035thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors,
35th IPL
30-Apr-1120:0037thKolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab, 37th IPLKolkata
30-Apr-1116:0036thKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Delhi Daredevils, 36th IPLKochi
1-May-1116:0038thRajasthan Royals vs Pune Warriors, 38th IPLJaipur
1-May-1120:0039thChennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers, 39th IPLChennai
2-May-1116:0040thMumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab, 40th IPLMumbai
2-May-1120:0041stDelhi Daredevils vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala, 41st IPLDelhi
3-May-1120:0042ndDeccan Chargers vs Kolkata Knight Riders, 42nd IPLHyderabad
4-May-1120:0044thPune Warriors vs Mumbai Indians, 44th IPLNavi Mumbai
4-May-1116:0043rdChennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals, 43rd IPLChennai
5-May-1116:0045thKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Kolkata Knight Riders,
45th IPL
5-May-1120:0046thDeccan Chargers vs Delhi Daredevils, 46th IPLHyderabad
6-May-1120:0047thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab,
 47th IPL
7-May-1120:0049thMumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils, 49th IPLMumbai
7-May-1116:0048thKolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings,
 48th IPL
8-May-1120:0051stKings XI Punjab vs Pune Warriors, 51st IPLMohali
8-May-1116:0050thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Kochi Tuskers
 Kerala, 50th IPL
9-May-1120:0052ndRajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings, 52nd IPLJaipur
10-May-1120:0054thKings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians, 54th IPLMohali
10-May-1116:0053rdDeccan Chargers vs Pune Warriors, 53rd IPLHyderabad
11-May-1120:0055thRajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
55th IPL
12-May-1120:0056thChennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils, 56th IPLChennai
13-May-1120:0057thKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Kings XI Punjab, 57th IPLIndore
14-May-1120:0059thMumbai Indians vs Deccan Chargers, 59th IPLMumbai
14-May-1116:0058thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight
 Riders, 58th IPL
15-May-1120:0061stKochi Tuskers Kerala vs Rajasthan Royals, 61st IPLIndore
15-May-1120:0060thKings XI Punjab vs Delhi Daredevils, 60th IPLDharmasala
16-May-1120:0062ndPune Warriors vs Deccan Chargers, 62nd IPLNavi Mumbai
17-May-1120:0063rdKings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore,
 63rd IPL
18-May-1120:0064thChennai Super Kings vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala,
 64th IPL
19-May-1120:0065thPune Warriors vs Kolkata Knight Riders, 65th IPLNavi Mumbai
20-May-1120:0066thMumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals, 66th IPLMumbai
21-May-1116:0067thKings XI Punjab vs Deccan Chargers, 67th IPLDharmasala
21-May-1120:0068thDelhi Daredevils vs Pune Warriors, 68th IPLDelhi
22-May-1120:0070thKolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians, 70th IPLKolkata
22-May-1116:0069thRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super
Kings, 69th IPL
24-May-1120:0071stTBC vs TBC, Qualifier 1 IPLMumbai
25-May-1120:0072ndTBC vs TBC, Eliminator IPLMumbai
27-May-1120:0073rdTBC vs TBC, Qualifier 2 IPLChennai
28-May-1120:00FinalTBC vs TBC, Final IPLChennai

IPL T20 Fans would miss the next generation CEO Lalit Modi being barred by IPL Committee this year. He was removed because of mismanagement of funds as well as back door participation in the IPL teams. He believed to have stack in Mohali, Kolkata and Rajasthan IPL Teams. The new chairman for IPL 2011 would be Chirayu Amin.
If we look at the IPL Highlights, performance of Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings was remarkable. Kolkata Knight Riders and Punjab Kings XI were the bottom teams who performed consistently low throughout the tournament. For IPL Scorecard refer IPL Live Score
IPL 2011 will constitute ten teams rather than alike earlier years eight teams. The new teams added this year are Sahara Pune Warriors and Kochi IPL. If the format of the IPL remain unchanged then the matches to be played will increase from 60 to 94. Lalit Modi tweeted on his account on April 14, 2010 – “We are going to start the 2011 IPL season a few days after the World Cup in the first week of April. We are going back to the schedule of April-May that we had in the 2008 first season. We will keep this (schedule) in future,”. Lalit Modi also mentioned that because of increase in teamsand matches schedule will be of 51 days instead of regular 45 days IPL Schedule. Because of just after World Cup, there might be low interest in the IPL Tournament. Although critics hold that IPL 2012 would decide the future of the IPL.
Chirayu Amin – Chairman of Indian Premier League (IPL T20) told that 2011 year would be much more better and amazing the previous years. Although doubts rolls because of non presence of former Commissioner Lalit Modi.
The Broadcaster of IPL 2011 would be as follow
Winning BidderRegional Broadcast Rights
Sony/World Sport Group India
ONE HD Australia: Free-to-air HD and SD television. Owned by Network TEN.
Sky Network Television New Zealand
PCCW Hong Kong: Broadcast on Now Sports.
StarHub Singapore: Broadcast on Cricket Extra.
Astro Malaysia: Broadcast Astro Box Office Sport.
SuperSportCentral Africa, South Africa, Niger
Arab Digital Distribution United Arab Emirates,  Bahrain,  Iraq,  Jordan,  Kuwait,  Lebanon,  Oman,  Qatar,  Palestine,  Saudi Arabia,  Syria,  Turkey,  Algeria,  Morocco,  Tunisia,  Egypt,  Sudan,  Libya,  Nigeria
GEO Super Pakistan
Willow TVRights to distribute on television, radio, broadband and Internet, for the IPL in North America.
DirecTV United States: Exclusive broadcast rights on CricketTicket.
Asian Television Network Canada: Aired on Pay-per-view channel. Aired on XM Radio's ATN-Asian Radio as well.
ITV United Kingdom: Broadcast on ITV4.
IPL 2011 Schedule and IPL Fixtures for Season 4 is yet to be announced. Once they are announced, we will post it here.


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