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Sunday, April 10, 2011

harikrishna is angry with chandrababu naidu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nandamuri Harikrishna was the catalyst in the August 1995 political coup that ultimately led to the dethronement of his father NTR.
His maverick and rebellion ways had then helped his brother-in-law N Chandrababu Naidu to lead the revolt and take over the reins of the party and the government.
Over 16 years and several twists and turns later, there appears to be a repeat of the family drama, though with the reversal of roles.
It is now Naidu’s turn to face what appears to be a brewing revolt from NTR’s family. Is the nemesis catching up with Naidu?

Several questions are being raised over the motive behind Harikrishna’s curiously-worded open letter on Saturday, expressing his resolve to launch an anti-corruption movement inspired by NTR’s ideals.
Is he acting on his own or being prompted by the members of NTR family? Is it the first salvo fired over Harikrishna’s shoulders targeting Naidu? Does this herald a new succession battle between Nara’s family and Nandamuri’s family?
By seeking the “blessings” of the people for his soon-to-be-launched battle against corruption, Harikrishna is clearly hinting at the possibility of charting his own political course. Significantly, he has stayed away from Naidu’s rally in support of Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption campaign.
Invoking NTR’s ideals and his uncompromising battle against corruption, Harikrishna, however, did not mention anything about Naidu’s rule. By saying that NTR was his role model and his campaign would be inspired by his father, Harikrishna is sending an indirect message to his brother-in-law that all is not well with the present dispensation.
There are reports that NTR’s family, including his daughter and Union Minister D Purandareswari, is trying to engineer a revolt against Naidu and push the case of Junior NTR as a successor to NTR’s political legacy. Harikrishna’s open letter, circulated to the media on Saturday, could be the first step in the succession battle.


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