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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Google Chrome 10 review !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I set up my friends computer who pretty much uses his home computer for a bit of gaming but mainly Facebook, I thought I would install a couple of Chrome extensions for him and I must say that he was very impressed with two of them, therefore I thought I would share these with you.
Firstly to use these extensions you must have Google Chrome installed, some people are unsure whether or not to install an alternative to Internet Explorer or Safari, however it in my opinion is faster, more secure and more intuitive than Microsoft’s and Apple’s attempts. You can download and install Google Chromehere, it won’t bite! (If you do not like Chrome you can easily uninstall it).
If you are unfamiliar with what extensions do they are basically small apps which integrate with your web browser, today we will introduce you to two Google Chrome extensions which are great if you use Facebook on a regular basis, these are: Facebook Photo Zoom and Facebook for Google Chrome.

Facebook Photo Zoom can be installed here, it is a simple extensions which allows you to hover over image thumbnails on photos, this means you can easily see full-sized images without clicking on the thumbnail. If for some reason you want to temporarily turn of this extenionsion you can toggle it on and off via a button which shows up in the bottom right of the page.
Another extension which impressed me was Facebook for Google Chrome, you can install this here, it adds a button to the top right-hand corner of Chrome, simply press this to post status updates, view the news feed, see your Facebook wall, access messages and check your notifications. Once installed you can access Facebook easier than ever.


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