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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anna Hazare Was Insulted Badly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most talked about hero of the nation the past few days is not the Shahrukhs or Sachins. It is a mere 72 year old man who is known as a social activist.
Sporting a Gandhi cap and regular Khadi dress, he mobilized the entire nation and to an extent, made the Indian government nod to his demands. Yes, he is Anna Hazare and while all this looks hunky dory with a ray of revolution in a nation filled with worst corruption and even worse politicians, here is an irony that stares right at the face of truth.
It is the pledge of support offered by the so-called role models of society – Ramoji Rao, Gali Janardhan Reddy, Y S Jagan, Chandrababu Naidu and Lalith Modi. A little insight into each one’s profile will reveal the scams and unethical practices they have been involved over the years. Today, they are standing and expressing their support which is ridiculous. The World Cup happened, many Indians waved the flags, shared happiness so there ends the matter. But politics and changing the system, that’s an entirely different ball game.

While the thought of Anna Hazare is indeed noble and the response he got is acknowledged, the fact remains that Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Fourth estate the four pillars of the nation are completely corrupted and by rolling out statements of support in front of the media and gathering few people, individuals like Gali, CBN, Jagan, Ramoji, Lalith are actually insulting Anna Hazare. Truth is, even they are aware this is a momentary movement and if they sing along, all is well and it will pass off without a hitch.
Thank god that even 2G scam Raja also didn’t come and express his support. That would have been the heights of comedy and it’s the luck of the common man to an extent that it didn’t happen. While it may be futile in doing so, it is a sincere request to the above mentioned visionaries to stay away from such people movements and preserve the sanctity. Or else, it ends up as a whole joke and above all, an insult to the honest Gandhian who was fasting for the past few days.
As bitter as it may sound, Anna Hazare’s movement will not bring a revolution in our country but then it sure brings the breather that the nation still has those few good men who believe in reforming the system.


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