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Monday, April 11, 2011

7.1 earthquake hits Japan 11 April 2011, Tsunami Warning Issued !!!!!!

Earthquakes occur in Japan again 11 April 2011. This time a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. Tsunami warning was issued following the quake.
United States Geological Survey, USGS, the earthquake occurred near Iwaki, Honshu. According to NHK public broadcasting, the epicenter located in Fukushima prefecture.
Earthquake shocks are also felt in Tokyo, capital of Japan. The buildings in the Japanese capital that was rocked by an earthquake swinging.
from news.com.au :
JAPAN has issued a tsunami alert after a strong quake struck the east and northeast of the country, one month after the devastating March 11 earthquake-tsunami disaster.
The quake’s epicentre was in Fukushima prefecture, public broadcaster NHK said.

Workers battling to contain a crisis at the stricken Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima were ordered to evacuate, operator TEPCO said.
“The company ordered workers to withdraw and stay in a quake-proof building,” a spokesman for the operator said.
“We don’t know many workers were involved.”
The Daily Mail has reported that there has been no damage to the nuclear plant.
The US geological survey said the 7.1 magnitude onshore quake hit with a depth of just 10 kilometres, its epicentre 86 kilometres south-southeast of Fukushima city.
Japan’s meteorological agency issued a tsunami warning saying a one-metre wave could hit Ibaraki prefecture, the area worst hit by last month’s massive tsunami.
A wave half a metre high was expected in Fukushima prefecture.
Narita airport temporarily closed a runway following the quake for safety checks.
Not yet known whether or not there victims in this incident.

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