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Saturday, February 19, 2011

White Google Nexus S Spotted

A tug of war is going between Apple and Google recently on their respective mobile platforms the Android andiOS. The newly born Google Nexus S was spotted in a white skin just like Apple’s iPhone 4. So is it a strategy by Google to counter Apple’s iPhone? The phone hasn’t hits the stores yet; it would be probably out in the market by spring this year.
It’s been reported that Samsung is preparing to launch a white Google Nexus S in Germany. The Nexus S would be having a similar body to what Samsung Galaxy Tab has to offer, with a glossy black front and a White back. The white version of the Nexus S was first spotted by TheNextWeb guys.
Google and Samsung had it planned earlier to launch the phone in different skins. Now the picture is been shown by many of the blogs that Google is copying their rival who are to launch the iPhone 4 in a month or two. Now the question that arises is that weather the white version of Nexus would be available in Germany and Europe or will it be available globally.


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