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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Using Baidu to reach the 338 million online users of China

Search marketing activity in China is on the rise, Baidu is now becoming the new  ‘Silk Route’ to China’s booming online market.  Owing to the departure of Google from China, many experts claim that this new giant  is now ready to overtake big names in online search.
Let alone the fact that China’s 338 million can drive big volumes locally, even if they don’t interact with global audiences, the few players that currently operate from the US in the realms of organic and paid search are making huge profits using Baidu.
However, there are still a few entry barriers that put many small search businesses off from entering the Baidu deal, such as, having sites in Chinese, plus also having to have your sites hosted in China are some of the initial difficulties. Once you are through with the basic steps, you will find that Baidu pretty much operates on the same principles are other SEs. You can buy Paid Listings, optimise your site for Organic Search and even rules such as Comprehensive Rank Index the equivalent of Google’s Quality score for paid ads are in place.
There is a growing interest in the Western World specially in the US and given the language and cultural differences it would still take a while for these bandwagoneers to get a firm foothold in the market. For now, its game on for the Chinese literate or the resourceful marketers  who can invest in hiring locals to overcome these barriers.


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