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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mobile Phone users exceed five billion

A study by Swedish telecoms monster Ericsson have showed that the number of mobile phone users have exceeded five billion. This is due to soaring demand of mobile phones in emerging markets such as Indiaand China. The 5 billionth mobile phone subscription was recorded on 8 July 2010. As in the study it showed that daily two million new mobile phone subscriptions are being made. This does not mean that every single one own a mobile phone in this five billion Since one person can have more than one mobile phone subscription. Because according to United Nations the overall population of the world is total 6.8 billionpeople.
Ericsson have said “In the year 2000, about 720 million people had mobile subscriptions, less than the amount of users in China alone today,”
According to Ericsson spokeswoman the term “subscription” includes both billed contracts and the pay-as-you-go. Ericsson has added that the mobile broadband subscriptions are increasing by the same rate and they expect that by the year 2015 it will reach to 3.4 billion as previously it was 360 million last year.
[Source: timesofmalta]


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