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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to tie a tie (windsor knot)

I want to help you learn how to tie a neck tie so you can dress to impress. Is a special event coming up like New Years Eve, a wedding, prom, or a party? It’s time to step it up a notch!
How to Tie a TieWhat type of tie will you be wearing? A full windsor knot, four in hand knot, a bow tie? Here are the basics for tying a tie, windor knot style. First here’s the picture showing the instructions and it’s followed by a step by step guide, and finally a diagram on how to tie a tie.
6 Steps on How to Quickly Tie a Tie
  1. Lift up the collar of your shirt and put the tie around the back of your neck. The wide end should hang down about twice as low as the thin end; it can hang closer to your right or left hand, depending on what’s most comfortable for you.
  2. Wrap the wide end around the thin end twice, a few inches below your neck. The wide end should go over the thin end at first. (Images 1 to 3 above)
  3. After wrapping the wide end around the second time, push it through the back of the V-shape made by the partially formed knot. (Image 4 above)
  4. Tuck the wide end through the front loop of the knot.
  5. Gently pull down on both the thin and wide ends below the knot until the knot is tight.
  6. Hold the thin end and slide the knot up to your neck. (Image 5 above)
  7. If the thin end hangs below the wide end, untie the tie and begin again, with the wide end hanging lower than it did the first time.
  8. If the wide end hangs too low, untie the tie and begin again, with the wide end hanging higher than it did the first time.
  9. Flip your collar back down once you and your tie look dapper. (Image 6 above)


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