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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Google following Bing?

Couple of weeks ago, we saw Google featuring pacman game, and this time Google deviating from its simplistic usability approach by showing fancy backgrounds on google.com in some regions. The very same concept was first introduced by Microsoft’s Bing, and now it looks like Google liked it very much.
Can we say Google is out of ideas? is Google following Microsoft? is that really happening? The number one search engine copying its competitor’s ideas?
Well may be, as Apple has given Bing a major boost after adopting it for iPhone 4’s default search, and now Google is feeling the pressure. Now, by changing background images and making Google.com a pacman game will change things for Google? Or can we say, Google considers Bing a real threat?
In fact, Google is still miles ahead of Bing and we are assuming far too many things for now, but who knows, with Apple’s support and the rapid growth in the number searches made using iPhones, we might have to“Bing it” in the future.
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