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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Google brings Universal Search back

As we know Google has updated quite a few things this week, including a newer interface and a slimmer logo but the most interesting and controversial change for SEOs is the ‘Universal Search’ feature.
This feature allows users to find search results from different verticals such as news, blogs, images, videos and more. Now this new change is resulting in a lot of protests and heated debates amongst the community of Search Marketers, Bloggers and Technology Experts.

From a users perspective we’re thinking it’s a good thing.  We have to understand the fact that Google is torn between the two theories ‘user guidance’ and ’simplicity‘.  Google’s Algo is pretty good at predicting what the users are searching for.  Yet, having said that, Google can’t serve as a mind reader and this move is a clear indication of Google’s efforts in providing more clarity buy laying out all the options to leading the user from their initial search.
This new change is also referred to by many search experts as Google adopting ‘Darwin’s Theory‘ - Survival of the fittest.  Now if you have a website that happens to do well in all these different verticals, i.e. images, videos or news etc., then chances are that your online presence won’t get affected.
This could also be a move from Google to push the SEO’s to focus on more verticals and create websites which are comprehensive and can cater to a wider audience.  However in the end, whatever it is, for now we have to play by the new rules.


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