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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bear Grylls health and fitness

Nature for our well-being

Bear believes that good health and fitness is about eating right and training smart.
Bear while filming Man Vs WildNutrition:
His diet is based mainly on wholefoods. He tries to eat five times a day, with a wide selection of good fruit and veg, wholegrains (pasta, rice), potatoes, soya, nuts, avocados, honey, lentils, beans, quinoa, and masses of oats! He tries to avoid, as much as he can, too much animal produce, ie: dairy, eggs, meat, and white sugar, white flour, processed or junk food. (Although he also believes it is important not to be too tough on yourself all the time, and that a 'cheat' day once a week is a good thing for your mind and to help keep you focussed the rest of the time. Bear says he has many weaknesses including cheesecake, crumbles and croissants!
The main thing is trying to eat 'clean and wholefoods', the majority of the time. Good nutrition he says is 75% of the battle to be fit, trim and healthy.
Bear trains 5 or 6 days a week with a mix of different disciplines. This includes alternating cross country runs, circuit training and yoga. He also does Ninjutsu, gymnastics and acrobatics, and of course his climbing, skydiving and paragliding.

Bear is not a believer in taking lots of synthetic vitamin supplements which he says the body often struggles to absorb efficiently. And numerous scientific studies show that a good diet, based on fruit, vegetables and starchy foods, combined with a good lifestyle, is the best way to improve and maintain our health over time.
The World Health Organisation remind us that we could stay healthier for longer if we took more care of our nutrition, following a diet mainly based on fruits and vegetables and starchy foods; and have therefore recommended, as part of their dietary advice: "5 a Day", 5 portions of fruits and vegetables, preferably local, everyday.
Unfortunately not many of us consume enough fruit and vegetabes, certainly not everyday. The average consumption of fruit and vegetables across Europe is less than half the recommended intake.
Juice PlusBear has used a wholefood based supplement called Juice Plus+ since he was a teenager. He says it an easy way to add good nutrition to his diet.
Bear says: "JuicePlus is great stuff that I have used through all of my expeditions. What I like about it is that the research behind it is so strong. It is 100% natural, is wholefood based, and I love the fact that it provides raw, anti-oxidant fruit and veg in a capsule form! For me it fulfills a key part of my nutrition, training and recovery needs."
More info on JuicePlus:
Juice Plus+ Fruit Blend is created from a wholefood based of eight different fruits: apples, oranges, pineapples, peaches, cranberrries, papayas, dates and prunes;
Juice Plus+ Garden Blend is created from no less than nine different vegetables and the fibre of two cereals; beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, spinach, parsley, garlic and tomato, and fibre powders of barley and oats.
Juice Plus+ is made using the highest quality fruits and vegetables available, juiced to help release the nutrients from the plant cell structure to make them more available for absorption.
The 17 different types of fruit and vegetables in Juice Plus+, provide a broad spectrum of the various compounds to supply our body with the widest range of nutritional benefits needed for a healthy lifestyle.


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