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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Prabhas asked to change his Hairstyle

Prabhas asked to change his HairstyleWhen Prabhas started his career, he was more of a mass hero and the image became more rugged with his ‘Chatrapathi’. But with the arrival of ‘Munna’ many began to see the softer side of Prabhas and since then, girls began to notice the romantic angle of this tall hero. And their hearts began beating faster after watching him in ‘Darling’.

Today, Prabhas has got a strong following among the girls as well and recently, a group of college girls were lucky to chance upon the young rebel star. It seems they were referring to his look in Mr Perfect and said “please change your hairstyle, we want to see you in a more cute and attractive look”.

Surprisingly, it is heard that the girls were indicating that Prabhas must have more hair instead of the short grunge cut. They were reportedly recalling his hairstyle in ‘Chatrapathi’ wherein Prabhas had a curly hairstyle. While it may sound off the fashion beat today, when the girls want it maybe the hero should consider their request. 


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