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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jetlev water-powered jetpack to launch this summer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jetlev is a water-powered jetpack that could be coming to a holiday resort near you soon.
Jetpacks! Every child fantasizes about flying like Superman at one point or another. That same child then grows up… and continues to dream about flying without the aid of a large, gas-guzzling vehicle like an airplane. Smaller gas-guzzling vehicles are just fine however, which is why the idea of a jetpack continues to be appealing for anyone with an active imagination. James Bond also helps, of course. Well daydream no more, as the Jetlev is about to make flying with a bulky, possibly dangerous contraption strapped to your back a reality!
Canadian inventor Raymond Li has been laboring for the past decade over his new creation, which could be available as soon as this summer, CNN reports. The water-safe Jetlev rocketbelt has three key components: the backpack itself, a 10-meter hose and an engine which doubles as a flotation device. Keep your dreams of soaring across the globe riding one of these babies in check; that 10-meter hose is the unit’s maximum range. As is demonstrated in the below video, that is more than enough to have a good time:

The hose is essential to keeping the whole thing in the air, as it sucks water up and then spits it out through the Jetlev’s two rear-mounted nozzles with an incredible amount of force, resulting in roughly 500 pounds of thrust. The Jetlev is capable of speeds approaching 22mph.
Germany-based manufacturer MS Watersports GmbH is currently showing the Jetlev off all over, with a showcase at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in late January and an upcoming appearance at the Dubai International Boat Show, happening in March. Beware before you run out to buy one for yourself though:  The price is currently set at $136,000. The manufacturer is also exploring the possibility of leasing the Jetlev to resorts, which means that your next tropical vacation could see you soaring across open waters in your very own (rented) jetpack.


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