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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best PS3 (PlayStation 3) games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are our picks for the best PS3 (PlayStation 3) games currently on the market.
The argument of which is better, the PS3 or the Xbox 360, is never ending. On one hand, the 360 has this, on the other hand, the PS3 has that. In a perfect world, everybody would be able to afford both, but in our recession weary times we need to pick our vices carefully. So if you are looking at the two systems and deciding which one to buy, or maybe you own a PS3 but your budget requires you to be discerning, here is a guide to our top 10 PS3 games that are exclusive to the console.

While you can argue all day about which system is better, games that are developed exclusively for the PS3 shine on the console, arguably better than anything else out there today. But while great graphics are cool, they won’t make or break a game. Being pretty doesn’t automatically make them fun. Below is a list that we felt found that balance between looks and enjoyment.
These are by no means the only great PS3 exclusives, but they are arguably the best out. Keep an eye out for ourXbox 360 top 10 list, as well as the top 10 cross platform games.

God of War Collection(Rated M; $29.99)

Putting this title on the list was both a bit of a cheat, and as well as a no-brainer. The God of War Collection contains — not surprisingly, with the name and all — God of War games. Two of them, in fact. Both were originally PS2 titles, hence the cheating by putting them on this list, but both received an amazing HD facelift. The cut scenes are still last-gen, but when you consider that you get two full games on one disc, both of which feature HD graphics for 95-percent of the game, and you get them for $30, that’s the no-brainer part. Not only is it a fantastic budget purchase, it is a re-release of what may have been the best franchise on the PS2, and that is saying a lot considering the success of the console.
The Collection includes both God of War and God of War II. If you missed the series the first time around, the games feature Kratos, an ancient Spartan in a time when the Greek Gods roamed the Earth. Kratos is an angry, angry man, and with weapons given to him by Ares, Kratos travels the known world doing the bidding of the gods to repent for his previous deeds. But like a wild lion held in a cage, Kratos can only remain tame to his new masters for so long. Excellent gameplay and jaw-dropping settings make this a must have.

God of War III(Rated M; $49.99)

If you already have the Collection or played the originals back on the PS2, then you need to check out God of War III. The story picks up immediately after the end of the second game, so if you haven’t played the originals, you will miss the majority of the plot. But if you need more convincing to play the games on the CollectionGod of War III will do the trick.
Putting aside the gameplay, which is the high water mark that all other games of the hack and slash genre strive for, the game is breathtaking. There are moments that are just plain awesome. If they ever make this series into a Hollywood movie, as they continue to threaten to do, it will be a shame, because there is probably no way that a movie can adequately recreate some of the more amazing parts of this game. Imagine riding on the back of a Titan that is scaling Mt. Olympus as gods and goddesses attack from every direction, and you have the opening scene of the game. A must-have for fans of the series, and a good reason to own a PS3.

Heavy Rain(Rated M; $59.99)

Heavy Rain is a game that did well both critically and commercially, but remains an underappreciated classic mainly due to the fact that it is so difficult to classify. In some ways it is more accurate to call Heavy Rain an interactive movie than a game, at least in the classic since of the world. It is the true evolution of the old PC games that had you move around and interact with items and people in order to progress through the game, like Myst. You end up sacrificing some of the control, but in return you gain an unbelievably immersive experience.
Heavy Rain features four playable characters, and as the noir-ish mystery unfolds, the choices you make as each character affect the world around them and alter the story. At its heart, Heavy Rain is a mystery involving the “origami killer”, but going further into detail on the plot is almost pointless, because you determine how it plays out. This game is definitely not for kids, as mature themes of drug use, depression, and murder are all part of the game. Not everyone will enjoy the hands-off approach to the gameplay, but mystery fans, and gaming fans looking for something fresh and original need look no further.



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