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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ileana Addicted To Alcohol??

Ileana Latest Hot Photo
It is a common habit to have tea or coffee in the morning as soon as we wake up but in high society, having two or three pegs before going to bed has become the common habit. Especially in the cinema industry this has become a very common fad and there is hardly any teetotaler in the circuit. As the famous saying goes “Aaru Nellu Saavaasam Chesthe Vallu Veellu Ayyaarata” (spending time with a person for six months will make you like that person). That’s why the drinking habit that heroes have got usually tends to spread to the heroines as well.

Usually heroines tend to give ‘company’ to heroes in many matters and now that includes drinking as well. What starts as a fun time company eventually turns out to be a habit and becomes an addiction in no time. The legendary actress Savitri got addicted to alcohol and that’s what gave her a miserable death during her last stages. The reason why we are telling you all this is, reliable sources reveal that the ‘Goa Palakova’ Ileana has become addicted to drinking.

It is heard that as the night falls, a minimum of 4-5 pegs is compulsory or else sleep is not coming to Ileana. This is reportedly worrying her mother Sameera as well. Buzz is that due to this daily drinking Ileana has actually put on this much weight. It is more than a year since Ileana’s ‘Saleem’ has released and her Telugu and Tamil films (one each) have also been stopped. At one point, rumors were making rounds that Ileana’s career is over.

As it is, the competition from Kajal is very strong and as if that is not enough, Ileana is facing trouble in the form of Samantha and Tamannah. They are bagging away all the crazy projects. This is reportedly leading Ileana to depression and it is heard that she has stopped doing exercises and that is leading to changes in her figure size, as per sources.


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