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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Allu Sirish reveals Pawan's 'private' secret

Allu Sirish reveals PawanMany have been wondering why Pawan Kalyan was not seen in Allu Arjun’s ‘pelli koduku function’ or ‘sangeet’ event. Some opined that he must be busy abroad in some shooting but others have bitten ears stating that there are some family clashes between Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu and Chiranjeevi. Although Nagababu was not seen in the event his wife and son were seen with smiling faces.

But supporting the suspicions on family clashes in Chiru family, Allu Sirish gave a tweet like this.

“Kalyan is very private, doesn’t attend too many functions. We invited him though. Assured he will come for the wedding..”

That means Pawan Kalyan bunked the events intentionally. What is the point of ‘Kalyan is very private’? Is Mahesh Babu not a privacy loving guy? Venkatesh also appears hardly in public functions. But they have attended the event. It is needless to say that Chiru family is failing to project family unity in many occasions.


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