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Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 samsung mobiles

Technology will always remain around to fascinate people. The same is the case with mobile phones. It seems very few people are actually satisfied with their present handsets, and always want to go in for better and more sophisticated handsets. This has given an excuse to mobile companies to introduce the latest and the most sophisticated handsets to consumers around the world. Here's a list of handsets that will impress people looking out to buy the latest in mobile technology to satiate their desire.

Samsung I7500

Samsung is expected to launch the I7500 soon. With features like an OLED display, 8 GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, and a 5 MP camera, Samsung I7500 mobile has all the style that people will need to make a fashion statement. The camera supports geo tagging, since the handset is equipped with a GPS. It would be interesting to wait and see if the handset is completely finger-friendly just like the Apple iPhone, or whether some aspects need to be accessed with the help of a stylus.

Apple iPhone 3rd Generation

The next generation Apple iPhone promises to be more spectacular than its preceding designs. According to rumours afloat in the market, the third generation iPhone could run on OS 3.0 and also sport a 3.2 mega pixel auto focus camera that will include video recording too. There is a strong possibility that FM radio may be included too. With 32 GB of space, the camera could easily give the Nokia N97 a tough competition in the price arena.

Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is the latest in the N-series of mobile phone from Nokia that promises the hottest technology combined with a drastically novel form factor. Nokia N97 mobile comes in a brilliant white colour and the most interesting aspect about the whole phone is how the display is situated over the keypad. This New Nokia mobile come with a 5 MP camera and a 32 GB memory, it has a 3.5 inch touch screen along with Symbian OS v 9.4. With a series 60 UI, it should be much better than the Nokia 5800 series. With all the necessary features for tech crazy users like Wi-Fi, 3G support, and also GPS, it's all set to storm the market and give theiPhone a really tough time.

Nokia 6208 Classic

Nokia seems to be getting extremely technology innovative these days wit the launch of its first series 40 touchscreen mobile - Nokia 6208 Classic. Though the mobile might look quite average to the normal user, Nokia 6208 Classic a great mobile for those who want to experience the latest in technology for the first time. With a 2.4 inch touch screen, it has a 3.2 MP camera, Bluetooth with A2DP and a MicroSD card support. It is expected to carry an S40 UI as touch screen along with a large stylus. It is also capable of supporting handwriting recognition. Customers will not need to wait longer as it has just been launched here.

BlackBerry Storm 2

With the leaked images about a second Blackberry – the Storm 2, it's almost certain that the company is planning to launch it sooner or later. Some sources state that they could abandon the inclusion of Sure Press technology; however, it does not ring to be true. According to various media sources, it also seems that the Storm 2 will retain its 3.2 MP camera, along with its GPS and W-FI capabilities as well. So, with the BlackBerry Storm 2 expected in around six months or so, it may or may not change its UI, but it will be nice to see the phone launched in the markets with its final design.

Sony Ericsson W995/Idou

Sony Ericsson W995 - This is yet another 8 MP mobile camera phone from Sony Ericsson. There should be no reason why people will not rush for Sony Ericsson W995 mobile phone as it comes loaded with features like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth with A2DP and walkman music player. Along with face detection technology, the camera includes an image stabilizer and geo tagging. Unlike the Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot, which is slightly bulky but is gifted with a great looking camera, this camera is a great looking and slick slider.

Toshiba TG01

The Toshiba TG01 is literally a user's delight with the largest capacity display in a mobile as yet. Though this may make the mobile seem a bit large to carry around, the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform along with a 3D UI that overlays the handset's Windows mobile 6.1 OS is quite interesting. Despite the large size, the new mobile looks very vibrant and comes with great technological features like Wi-Fi, 3.2 MP camera, GPS and shake control that can be used with the accelerometer. It's a great tool for watching videos too.

LG GD900 Crystal

The LG GD900 Crystal takes the lead in innovation with a fantastic keypad and great looking touch screen mobile. With the new S-Class UI, it's a truly inventive slider mobile that comes along with a 3.9 inch touch screen. However, it's a little flashier and accentuates on the life style rather than for ordinary use. The LG GD900 Crystal has a 1.5 GB memory, Wi-Fi, 8 MP camera, and support for DivX and XviD video format playback, and is equipped with extremely good features. Watching out for this phone is surely going to be a treat.

Well, that's the list of upcoming phones that are expected to cause a commotion in the market as and when they are launched. Let's hope to see them soon so we get an ample chance to review and analyze them as well.


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