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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puma in collaboration with Sagem wireless has made a mobile phone for their sports fans that will be available in 19 countries. The Puma phone was announced at the Mobile World conference 2010 and will feature a sporty look as well as cute user interface. The main highlighting feature of this device is that you will be able to charge it through solar power. Cool isn’t it? Furthermore the Puma phone has all the decent specs that you will need from your device and is likely run on Android underneath the Puma customizations.
Thierry Buffenoir, who is CEO of Sagem Wireless, stated: “This step into connected lifestyle devices and services is a strategic move for both PUMA and Sagem Wireless, which is reflected in the quality of our operator partners who are joining with us to deliver the PUMA Phone”.
This is just a step from Puma to enter into mobile leverages and connect with its community to provide the best of style with great features and functions. The countries that it will be available in are: Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Romania, Macedonia and Slovenia and in Africa it will be available in Uganda, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauritius, Cameroon, Botswana, Tunisia and Senegal. Puma mobile is sold through various mobile phone carriers and in PUMA stores, and you can also get the SIM-free version for around €399.


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