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Friday, May 11, 2012

A complete and original review on gabbarsingh movie !!!!!!!!

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Banner: Parameswara Art Productions
Presented by: Sivababu bandla
Cast: Pawan kalyan, Sruthi Hassan, Ajay, Gayatri, Kota Srinivas rao, Ali, Abhimanyu Singh, tanikella Bharani, Brahmanandam, fish Venkat, Rao Ramesh and others
Screenplay: Ramesh Reddy, Vegesna Satish
Action: Ram-Lakshman
Editing: Gowtham Raju
Cinematography: Jayanan Vincent
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Bandla Ganesh
Written and Directed by: Harish Shankar
CBFC rating: ‘U/A’
Release date: 11-05-2012

Story: Venkata ratnam Naidu(Pawan kalyan) alias Gabbar Singh becomes a police officer and gets posted in his native place kondaveedu. Gabbarsingh has a step brother (Ajay) and he doesn’t like his mother and Stepfather taking extra care for him. Gabber Singh falls in love with Bhagya Lakshmi(Sruthi hassan) who runs a ladies emporium. Local baddie (Abhimanyu Singh) who aims for an MLA ticket drives his family apart. How Gabbar Singh strikes back is what the story is about?

Performances: Pawan kalyan is good as energetic and fearless police. Sruthi Hassan is okay as Pawan’s love interest. Gayatri of happy days played the sidekick to heroine and Ali as sidekick to Pawan. Abhimanyu singh impresses once again. Tanikella Bharani, Kota Srinivas Rao are good. The story is simple and the screenplay is well written. Music by DSP is the highlight of the film. The Cinematography is good. The art work and editing are nice. The Dialogues are big plus to the film. The Direction is good. The Production values are rich.

Analysis: The most awaited movie by the fans and Telugu Audience world wide is released today. Pawan Kalyan’s die-hard fans who started adoring him from Badri and Khushi are eagerly waiting for this release. ‘Gabbar Singh’ is the remake of Salman Khan starred Hindi Blockbuster “DABANGG”. Harish Shankar made some major changes and has given an entertainment angle to it. Most importantly there is no story at all, it's not meant to make sense. It's only meant to entertain. The only factor that worked here is Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan and Pawan Kalyan.

The characterization of Pawan is loud, crazy, zany, exaggerated, larger-than-life, and almost nonsensical but that’s how his fans want him to look like so it worked well. Pawan completely justified the role with his attitude and mannerisms. You haven’t seen him so charging and yet acting cool in many scenes in recent times. He has given wonderful performance which takes the movie to the next level. Sruthi Hassan is okay, she is passable. She played the role of Village girl and she is okay in terms of acting but some how the sarees/traditional wear didn’t suit her much. The chemistry between the lead pair has worked to some extent.

Abhimanyu Singh(Raktha Charitra Fame) has done decent job as villain. Tanikella bharani and Kota Srinivasa Rao are okay. Rao Ramesh makes his presence felt as minister. Brahmanandam as recovery officer and Ali as Police constable entertain well. The artists in the villain gang entertained well in the Anthyakshari episode.

Sequence of Songs:
First half:-
1) Dekho Dekho Gabbar Singh
Singers: Baba Sehgal, Naveen madhav
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Picturised on Pawan and team, Pawan tried some steps and the song looked good on the screen with loads of energy.

2) Aakasam Ammayayithe
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Gopika Poornima
Lyrics: Chandra Bose
Picturised on Pawan and sruthi, shot in the Ramoji film city as hero falls flat for her. The song looks decent.

3) Mandhu babulam
Singer: Kota Srinivas rao
Lyrics: sahithi
Song picturised on Kota in the police station and pawan shakes his leg in the song with some energetic steps.

4) Pilla
Singers: Vaddepalli Srinivas, Pawan kalyan
Lyrics: Devisriprasad
Pilla song follows the immediate frame after the ‘mandubabulu’ song. Picturised abroad (Switzerland) on Pawan and Sruthi, Pawan has come out with some good steps which are clap worthy.

Second half:-
5) Dilse
Singers: Karthik, Swetha Mohan
Picturised on Pawan and Sruthi after they get married. The song looked colorful and good on the screen

6)Kevvu Keka
Singers: Mamatha Sharma, Kushi Murali
Lyrics: Sahithi
The item song is picturised on Mallaika Arora and villain (Abhimanyu Singh) gang. Pawan’s entrance comes a bit late in the song but comes with a bang in the second half of the song and entertains well. The best part of the song is repetition of the words “Kevvu Keva” and DSP made it sung by Mamatha Sharma (the original singer of “Munni Badmnam Hui” item song from Dabangg) which is a wise step. It’s very catchy and the front benchers go wild with this. 

All the songs may lack freshness in tunes but are catchy and hum able which work well with the masses. All the songs are well picturised on screen and Pilla song stands out the best with pawan’s dance steps. Its Devi Sri Prasad’s raunchy musical notes that made all the songs look good. The songs have flavor of peppy, Classy, Massy and catchy. The Background score is good in some scenes.

Harish Shankar, the man behind the success should be commended for making the film an entertaining one as it’s not an easy task to remake a blockbuster film with suitable native changes With no storyline to speak of, scenes that seem to pop out of nowhere and characters doing random things. He has come up with good dialogue punches that make the scenes more entertaining. Here are some lines apart from the ones in the trailer……

“Thelusukodaalu levi ... ika Thelchukodaley”
“Perantam Annaka ladies u, Pekata annaka police lu vastharu… evari Thambulam vallaki iccheyyali”
“Pekata adithey dabbulu povali kani pranaalu pokoodadhu”
“Paata Vacchi Padhellu ayinaa inka Power Thaggala”
“Ayudhalatho kadhu raa Vayidhaalatho Champestha”
“Meeru Ikkadiki Vasthey kootha—Nenu Akkadiki Vasthey kotha”
“Nenu time Ni Nammanu… Naa timing ni Nammuthanu”

Harish tried entertainment with some well shot fight Scenes. The kabaddi fight in the first half and the Anthyakshari episode in the second half have come out well. There are many loop holes in the script and weakly picturised emotional content, leaving the logic apart you can get entertained well all through.

Pawan Kalyan’s show all the way and he is the main USP of the movie. His energy levels, mannerisms, comedy timing, dances and fights have taken the movie to heights. 
You probably haven’t seen Pawan dancing so gracefully earlier. The Hit range depends on how well the masses in the B, C centers receive the film. The Fans who are hungry from the past 10 years get full meals (heavy) and they can’t ask for more. GABBAR SINGH is an out and out entertainer

Plus: Pawan Kalyan, entertainment, Music
Minus: lacks strong story

Verdict: Feast to fans, fans who worship him….. It’s a film you simply cannot afford to miss. Even if you are not a fan also you can watch it once for the entertainment (Paisa Vasool).


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